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Episode 14: A Day in the Life; February 18, 2007
3/4/07: Episode Review Now Available
2/18/07: Episode Summary Including Extended Bonus Scene Now Available
2/17/07: Cally and Tyrol are trapped in the airlock. Tyrol tries to cover the leak. Cally calls him over. Adama tell them both that the airlock is still jammed because the overrides are not responding. Adama say that he's taking them out through the airlock door. Tyrol asks if they are going to rig up a docking collar. Adama says that they will be out of air in a few minutes, so there is no time for that. Cally realizes that Adama is referring to an EVA and says that they don't have any pressure suits. Adama says that they don't have a choice. The plan is to position a Raptor right outside. They'll blow the airlock door bolts and then Cally and Tyrol will have to jump for it. Adama says that they can do it because others have survived for up to a minute while exposed to space. Tyrol starts to voice his doubts, but Adama just tells him that they'll talk later and to get ready. From Preview
2/8/07: Apparently, Cally is still in ill health at the end of the episode. From BuddyTV
1/30/07: Rescue efforts are made to save two crew members on the wrong side of an airlock onboard Galactica. From TV Guide
1/25/07: Just realized from one of the promo pics that Seelix makes an appearance. [Those crew members look to be Cally and Tyrol. The lack of oxygen explains why Cally ends up in the hyperbaric chamber.]
1/20/07: Based on the promo pics, the present-time story seems to involve an incident on the flight deck that lands Cally in sickbay.
1/20/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Seemingly random Dee and Gaeta hallway photo.

Adama appears to be enjoying a peaceful pond.
[This would likelybe part of his anniversary dream/flashback.]

Adama looks lost in this thoughts out of his uniform.
[Again from the flashback.. this time to the house.]

Adama and Caroline
[Adama's ex-wife Caroline makes an appearance in his flashback.]

Lee and Adama monitor the hangar deck from the flight pod.
[Wonder if this is when Lee and Adama have their discussion
about Lee and Zak's life with their mother after the divorce.]

Cally ends up in isolation.
[No idea if this is because of oxygen deprevation or something else.]

Cally and Tyrol hold each other on the flight deck with oxygen masks.
[Whatever is happening to them is likely what Adama is watching from the pod.]

Cally and Nicholas play.
[Not sure if this is before or after Cally ends up in isolation]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

1/10/07: Updated episode airdate. From SciFi Channel Schedule
1/3/07: In spite of the perception that Lee is a "momma's boy," it turns out that he couldn't stand his mother. From Jamie Bamber Interview [This further explains why Lee doesn't seem to have a clue when it comes to women.]
11/27/06: Tigh looks to be back in the chain of command since he's giving Adama a status report. He also indicates that most of the Vipers are out of dry dock [Recovering from the mid-season cliffhanger dust-up?]
11/27/06: Adama missed his tenth wedding anniversary because of riots on Aerilon. Caroline finally left when Adama re-upped and got his first command, but didn't tell her. She found out thanks to a congratulatory call from a drunken Tigh.
10/11/06: Adama and Caroline split after he received his first command. Lee indicates that she turned on him and Zak after that. Adama seems surprised, but Lee points out that Caroline was already pregnant with him when she and Adama got married. [This implies that they may not have married out of love and that she might have blamed Lee's conception for the unhappy marriage.]
10/11/06: Adama has several introspective sequences where he and his remembered version of Caroline discuss their marriage.
10/11/06: Private Jaffee looks to be little more than a walk-on part and not a pivotal guest character.
10/7/06: Flashbacks include what Lee's life was like after Papadama left.
10/3/06: Adama's reminiscing is triggered by the 29th anniversary of his marrying Caroline.
9/30/06: Caroline is Adama's ex-wife. Presumably, she's seen in flashback.
9/27/06: Guest cast listed as: Private Jaffee, Caroline
9/27/06: Episode title added.

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