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Episode 17: The Son Also Rises; March 11, 2007
3/18/07: Brief Episode Review Now Available
3/11/07: Episode Summary Including Extended Bonus Scene Now Available
3/10/07: Anders copes with Kara's death by drinking and "snapping limbs." The survivor count is down by one, but the only nod to Starbuck's death is Lee putting up her picture in the Memorial hall. Baltar's first lawyer is killed and Lampkin is injured in a keypad blast. The bomber turns out to be Captain Kelly and not a wider conspiracy. Although, it is because of the suspicion about the bombings that has Cally mouthing off and getting into a confrontation with Athena. Lampkin visits Caprica Six and tells her that Baltar still loves her in en effort to gain her cooperation. From Entertainment Weekly Article [Even Kat got the solemn moment where Adama made her CAG.]
3/9/07: Adama gets on the phone and orders that Lee be reinstated as CAG. He hangs up and then apologizes to Lee. He says that he was wrong and made things worse. He says now that they know that Kelly was responsible, they can ease security. Lee thinks that he needs to help Lampkin prepare for the trial because of Lampkin's condition. Adama says that Roslin has some possibilities. Lee says what about himself since he's already familiar with the case and Lampkin's strategy. Adama says that "we have it under control" and says that Lampkin will have help. Lee says that he wants to do it. Adama says that he's a CAG, not a lawyer. Lee counters that Adama isn't a judge. Adama answers that he "along with four other men" is capable of listening and making an ethical decision. Lee says that he's capable of helping Lampkin. Adama says, "Forget it. I need you as CAG." Lee asks him why he gave him his grandfather's law books then. Adama says that he made a mistake and says that Lee is a pilot. Lee gets testy and claims that with Zak and Kara gone, Adama wants Lee to "carry the flag." adama says that Lee's his son and he will not look across the court and see him "on the other side." Lee wants to know if he see him or someone else. Adama simply tells him to report for duty. Lee wants to know if it's an order. Adama says that Lee's in over his head. Lee again asks if Adama is giving him an order. Adama says that he's done giving Lee orders. From Yahoo TV Promo
3/9/07: Roslin holds a press conference where she says that "we won't bow to terrorism" as she announces that Baltar's trial will go forward as Adama, Tigh and Tory stand behind her. There is an explosion on the outside of a Raptor sitting on the hangar deck. Baltar sits in his cell. Roslin asks Lampkin if he's afraid to defend Baltar. Lampkin answers that he was "born for this." Adama tells Lee to build "a nest" around Lampkin and protect him. Lampkin asks Lee if he'd rather be "here with every with everyone looking at him like he was bleeding out of his side." Lee gets angry and shoves him up against the wall. Adama questions why Lee let Lampkin "yank your chanin." Lampkin asks if Lee's job is to keep him alive or to keep it from doing his job. From Promo
3/7/07: The episode begins two weeks after Kara's death and even Tigh is taking it hard. From Matt Roush @ TV Guide
3/6/07: Katee Sackhoff's name is removed from the opening credits and a shot of Kara's picture being added to the memorial wall. Adama weeps over a picture of Kara as he goes through her official file. Lee mourns. Anders also mourns "in an interesting way." From Chicago Tribune Article
3/5/07: Athena. Lee pushes Romo Lampkin up against the wall. His father says he needs for him to handle the security detail. Lampkin says that "if they want to kill me, then they'll find a way" as he steps into a Raptor and the door closes. A bomb goes off. Lampkin tells Lee "that you dare to help... chance of a lifetime." from his bed in sickbay. Lee says that "he wants to do this." Adama tells Lee that he's not a lawyer, he's a pilot. He won't allow Lee to sit across from him on the other side in the courtroom. Baltar sits in his cell as his Inner Six nuzzles him. From Promo
3/4/07: Lee looks to be assigned to guard Baltar. He tells his father than he can't do it. His father answers that Lee's not a lawyer. From Promo
2/17/07: Updated General Speculation - Hints of Starbuck's fate.
2/17/07: Lee is ordered to protect Baltar's lawyer, Romo Lampkin, after Baltar's first lawyer dies in what is suspected to be an act of sabotage. Bombings cause the crew to examine theories about the culprits. From TV Guide
2/9/07: In addition to Romo Lampkin, Skulls (a pilot) and Alan Hughes (an unknown civilian) are guest characters. From Promo Pics [Question is whether Skulls is going to be a new recurring character.]
2/9/07: Recurring characters Anders and Racetrack appear. From Promo Pics
2/9/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

[For those of you who look forward to his every appearance.]

Athena turns the tables on Cally with that pistol.
[This looks to be a scene to look forward to.
Also, Cally looks to be up and around after being in ill health the previous two episodes.]

Baltar meets with defense attorney Romo Lampkin under Lee's supervision.

Meet Romo Lampkin, Lee's new "mentor."
[Two questions:
1. What's the significance of the book?
2. What's with the sunglasses? Does he moonlight on the poker tour?]

Lee and Lampkin look to be having a disagreement.
[For someone who is supposed to become Lee's mentor,
Lee doesn't seem to happy with Lampkin.]

Racetrack makes an appearance, along with another pilot and a civilian.

Lee pays a visit to the memorial corridor with alcoholic beverage in hand.
[Likely relates to some moral debate about Baltar getting a "fair" trial,
as opposed to a show trial.]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

1/17/07: Lee grows bored with the limitations of his duties as a military officer with no room for promotion as long as his father is commander, which leads to his becoming involved with the fleet's legal system and Romo Lampkin, a lawyer who has plenty to say. [There can be only one commander, so Lee has to tread water. He's probably finally really trying to get over Kara at this point and throws himself into work to do so.]
1/10/07: Updated episode airdate. From SciFi Channel Schedule
1/1/07: Updated Speculation from The Patriot Resource
1/1/07: Lee gets the fleet's legal system back on track and even argues that Baltar deserves a fair trial and not just an outright execution.
1/1/07: The defense attorney (played by Mark Sheppard) that becomes a mentor for Lee likely first appears in this episode.
1/1/07: Starbuck does not appear.
11/5/06: According to David Eick, part 1 of a three-part season finale.
10/28/06: Features guest characters: Fallbrook, Hughes and Romo Lampkin [Likely subject to change]
10/28/06: Added Episode Title

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