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Episode 16: Maelstrom; March 4, 2007
3/6/07: Episode First (and Second) Impressions Now Available
3/4/07: Episode Summary Including Extended Bonus Scene Now Available
3/3/07: Kara has nightmares. A smiling childhood Kara pops up. In her apartment on Caprica, Kara draws the Eye of Jupiter on the wall and Leoben appears [Seen in one of the promo pics]. In the washroom, Helo shaves and Kara brushes her teeth. He tells her that she might want to see the psychiatrist. Kara is about to climb into her Viper when she stops because she sees her younger self sitting there. Tyrol can be heard asking her if she's okay. Adama wants to ground Kara. Lee says that she's the best Viper pilot he's got, but she's "an emotional basket-case." Kara flies her Viper and she's either in turbulence or making maneuvers because her head is violently shaking around. She looks to her right and a vision of Leoben standing in the corner of a room flickers into view. She flies toward what looks like her drawing of the Eye of Jupiter. Lee is on the wireless telling her that she needs to "climb now" or she's dead. She just closes her eyes and takes a breath. A Cylon Raider flies over . Kara is thrown around as the Raider apparently collides with her Viper. A Viper breaks up. Lee looks on from his Viper and screams, "No!" From 2nd SciFi Promo
3/1/07: Kara sits by her Viper. She doesn't look well at all. Lee and Tyrol talk about how she's still there. Lee tells him to talk to Kara. Tyrol tells Lee to talk to her. | Lee sits down next to Kara. After sitting in silence for a few moments, she asks him if he's, "feeling sorry" for her. Lee answers that everyone gets rattled, even the best. She tells him that she's "not going back out there. because she doesn't trust" herself. He tells her to trust him and he'll fly her wing. She scoffs at the idea of the CAG flying as a No. 2. He looks right at her and says, "Whatever it takes." She asks how things are going with Dee. He mumbles that they are, "you know, good." He then adds that they are the best that they have ever been. Kara says that she's happy for him and that she really means it. She then points out that they are right back where they started [in the miniseries] where's he's CAG and she's his troublesome hotshot pilot. She adds that is all they'll ever be. Lee just looks at her. From AOL Preview
2/25/07: Kara sits down across from the Oracle. The Oracle takes Kara's hands. Kara tells her that she can't sleep because of nightmares. The Oracle says it's because of the Cylon Leoben, who held her captive on New Caprica. The Oracle says that he knows Kara better than she knows herself. She says that Leoben sees the truth about her destiny. Kara tries to pull her hands away, but the Oracle holds on. Kara says "enough of that" and says that her only destiny is as a screw-up. The Oracle continues that Kara hurts everyone close to her, which was a "gift" from her mother. The Oracle says that she was born to a mother who believed suffering was good for the soul. She continues on, quoting exactly what Leoben told Kara about herself when she was torturing him. Kara just figures that someone told the Oracle what Leoben said to her. The Oracle responds by asking Kara if she ever told anyone else about it. The Oracle says that Kara learned the wrong lesson from her mother. Kara responds that the Oracle doesn't know anything about her mother. The Oracle says, "Leoben does." From Preview
2/25/07: Kara tells the Oracle that she's having nightmares. The Oracle says that the Cylon that held her captive on New Caprica knows about her destiny and is coming for her soon. From Promo
2/17/07: Updated General Speculation - Hints of Starbuck's fate.
2/13/07: Kara "Starbuck" Thrace questions her sanity when a dogfight with a Cylon raider ends unexpectedly, and later she has recollections of her abusive mother and nightmares about her time on New Caprica. From TV Guide
2/8/07: More Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Kara looks to be confronting her mother.
[Perhaps the rumored scene where her mother tried to say good-bye,
but Kara stormed off in anger.]

Kara visits an Oracle.
[Hard to tell if this is within the fleet or another flashback.]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

2/1/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Kara and Lee have some sort of conversation on the hangar deck.
[Looks like they're back to being friends (and nothing more) here.]

Kara looks to have been caught in bed by Leoben
[Katee Sackhoff said that she and Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben) filmed a love scene
and this looks like a good candidate for when.
This is also likely to be happening in a vision/near-death dream.]

Lee and Kara now look to be arguing, or at least disagreeing.
[That looks like Helo standing in the background watching them.
Does this disagreement lead Lee to feel guilty about what happens to Kara?]

Kara looks to be inspecting her Viper during pre-flight.
[We know she ends up stranded, alone and running out of air.
Is this why?]

Kara flashes back to her dying mother's bedside.
[There's a drawing by Kara of Eye of Jupiter in the scrapbook
that her mother kept of Kara's accomplishments.

"Leoben" takes Kara back to her apartment in another one of those visions.
[There's the drawing of the Eye of Jupiter that Helo remembered.
They really are hammering home the destiny bit.]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

1/17/07: On his internet broadcast, KoenigRules again stood by his long-ago reported spoiler that Kara dies after figuring out her destiny. Subject2Discussion | [KoenigRules has been mostly correct although some of his spoilers have been vague and open to interpretation.]
1/10/07: Updated episode airdate. From SciFi Channel Schedule
12/20/06: Kara deals with her "mommy" issues and gains some resolution with those issues. From Katee Sackhoff Interview with Fatboy
12/12/06: Check this new page for info on Kara's fate.
11/21/06: The following characters appear in the season finale (unknown if they might be appearing only in flashback): Adama, Roslin, Lee, Tigh, Athena, Helo, Tyrol, Cally, Gaeta, Anders, Cottle, Racetrack and Seelix. [Revised to hopefully eliminate some confusion and needless speculation. This list comes from a particular day of shooting and as such can be used only to confirm some characters' survival. Just because Kara and Baltar are not listed does not mean that they have been killed off. Rather this list thins the supects for the "major death."]
11/19/06: In a video interview with TV Guide, Katee Sackhoff said that we'd find out that she was a Cylon and see how she died. [Her comment was likely a joke as the interview was light-hearted, at least the Cylon part. The "major death" probably happens at the same time that Kara's Viper is damaged in a scene not yet leaked. Kat? Hot Dog?]
10/17/06: Updated the episode number.
10/13/06: Lee talks to his father just after the admiral has dressed down Kara. [The tone of the conversation seems to imply that Lee and Adama are on decent terms and Lee and Kara are back on speaking terms, at least.]
10/13/06: Adama states that he had to relieve Tigh of his position at some point previously.
10/13/06: Anders and Kara still carry on with each other, but he appears to be staying elsewhere in the fleet and their relationship seems to be more casual as opposed to married.
10/13/06: Kara and Anders talk about her mother, who was a Marine and abusive to Kara.
10/13/06: Ten years ago (eight years before the attacks) Kara had left home pledging never to join the military. Four years later when she returned to visit her mother, she had not only ended up in the military, but was an officer. Her mother was aware of her career, both the achievements and the troubles with discipline. Her mother (like Leoben) believed that Kara was special. They end up arguing before Socrata admits that she has cancer and is dying. Kara left anyway and never came back in spite of her mother's efforts to contact her again.
10/13/06: Kara has a dream where she is at her mother's bedside as she dies. Kara then realizes that the Leoben in her dream isn't really Leoben, but he talks just as metaphysically as the real Leoben as he states that now that she's seen death, she's free to fulfill her "destiny."
10/13/06: Kara apparently experiences these memories and dreams as the atmosphere vents from a crack in her cockpit canopy. She hears a transmission from Lee in his Viper and turns on her transponder.
10/11/06: Episode title added.
10/11/06: Another "Oracle" appears in this episode.
10/11/06: Kara's mother died of cancer about four years before the Cylon attack. One of the flashbacks shows that Kara rejected her mother's efforts to "reach out" to her in their last meeting.
10/7/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: Kara is on a mission and ends up unconscious. She has flashbacks in which her mother, Socrata, and Leoben appear. Lee is out in a Viper looking for her when she finally sends a distress signal so he can locate her. She and Anders are separated, but get together occasionally for some "no strings attached action." Kara uses Leoben posters for small arms target practice.
10/5/06: There is supposedly a "significant" death.
10/3/06: Episode features Kara.

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