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Episode 7: Hero; November 17, 2006
11/17/06: Episode Summary Now Available
11/15/06: Kat appears.
11/15/06: Bulldog (Novecek's callsign) escapes from the Cylons in a Raider. From Previews
11/11/06: In a flashback, Admiral Corwin says that if Adama accepts the operation and something goes wrong, Corwin will deny that they ever spoke. Adama agrees to accept the mission on the condition that he chooses the pilot who flies the stealth ship. In the present, Cottle reports that Novacek's DNA checked out with what was on record in the military database. Adama tells Roslin that Novacek was under his command three years ago. From Previews
11/4/06: The crest behind Adama and Tigh in the flashback picture reads "Battlestar Valkyrie." From Nathan [Perhaps the failures of this op results in Adama and Tigh being put out to pasture on the soon-to-be decommissioned Galactica by Admiral Corman]
11/1/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Tigh is hitting the bottle again [no surprises there]

Novacek in his cell on the Cylon ship

Tigh and Adama in what must be a flashback (since Tigh doesn't have the eyepatch)
to Adama's previous command.

Admiral Corman from a flashback

Novacek has taken his anger out on Adama with that pipe.

Adama doesn't look well, but what's interesting is that Tigh is by Novacek
like he's taking Novacek's side in the disagreement

Three is being reborn
[Likely part of events that further convince her of her heretical views]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

10/27/06: Galactica has a surprise visitor, Lt. Daniel Novacek, who was believed to have been killed during a secret mission ordered by Adama. The soldier's arrival makes Adama reexamine his past and his role in the war with the Cylons. TV Guide
10/21/06: Adama participated in a covert operation against the Cylons. This and his shooting down Novacek led to Adama's guilt over the Cylon attacks.
10/11/06: Novacek might be a recurring character, or at least not a "one-off." From David Eick's Video Blog
10/7/06: Novacek was held for 4 years. Adama shot down Novacek and believes he might have precipatated the Cylon attacks. Adama and Tigh reconcile.
10/3/06: An Admiral Corman appears in flashbacks.
9/30/06: Carl Lumbly (Alias) portrays Lt. Novacek, the liberated POW.
9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: In the days just prior to the Cylon attacks, Adama committed a wrong that's he's managed to keep secret. When a POW is liberated from the basestar, Adama's secret is revealed.
7/13/06: Episode title added.

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