The Patriot Resource - Lost


Portrayed by: Kimberley Joseph

Appears in:
1.1 - "Pilot"
2.4 - "Everybody Hates Hugo"
2.5 - "... and Found"
2.6 - "Abandoned"
2.7 - "The Other 48 Days"

Cindy was one of the flight attendant's on Flight 815. It was she who gave Jack the two bottles of vodka. She also noticed Charlie's nervousness. When the airplane began to encounter turbulence, Cindy retreated to the tail section.

Cindy ended up on the beach with the rest of the surviving Tailies. When its suggested that they stay on the beach so that rescuers can find them, Cindy tells them all that they were off course for two hours. As a result, the Tailies know that a rescue will not come quickly. Because of Sawyer's condition, Eko led them through the jungle in spite of the danger from the "Others." Cindy disappeared as they made their way up a steep hill, which led to panic from the rest of the "tailies."

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