The Patriot Resource - Lost


Portrayed by: Sam Anderson

Appears in:
2.4 - "Everybody Hates Hugo"
2.5 - "... and Found"
2.6 - "Abandoned"
2.7 - "The Other 48 Days"
2.8 - "Collision"
2.9 - "What Kate Did"

Bernard is Rose's husband. He was sitting with her in business class, but was in the tail section when Flight 815 crashed. He landed in a tree, still buckled in. Ana-Lucia managed to talk him out of the seat before it fell. He has spent the first forty-plus days surviving on the Island with the other "tailies" who are led by Ana Lucia. It was Bernard who Boone heard when he tried to use the radio in the crashed Nigerian smugglers' plane. After witnessing Ana Lucia's accidental shooting of Shannon, he chooses to continue on without Ana Lucia. Soon after, he is reunited with his wife, Rose.

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