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Eko; first referred to "Mysterious Island man"

Portrayed by: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Appears in:
Season 2 (Episode 2.3 - )

The mysterious island man introduces himself to Michael and Sawyer by attacking them and throwing them in a pit. After the "tailies" decide to let them out of the pit, he appears to try and apologize to Sawyer. Sawyer doesn't buy it, though.After Michael takes off, he goes with Jin who insists on going after Michael. While with Jin, he says his name is Mr. Eko. As Sawyer's condition worsens, Eko choose to lead them through the jungle in spite of the dangers from the "Others." After Ana Lucia accidentally kills Shannon, Eko defies her by leaving with Sawyer.

When the Tailies crashed into the water just off the beach, Eko pulled survivors from the water including a little girl. He then pulled the dead bodies out. He looked after the brother and sister children. On the first night that the "Others" attacked, Eko killed two of them with just a rock. The next day, he fashioned a club. He did not speak for forty days, but followed Ana Lucia's lead. He's demonstrated an ability for tracking and a quiet strength. As

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