The Patriot Resource - Lost


Portrayed by: Josh Randall

Appears in:
2.7 - "The Other 48 Days"

Nathan is one of the tail section survivors. He is the one that notices that three other survivors have been taken on the first night. However, the next day, he argues that they should stay on the beach because of the children, and the seriously injured (Donald), as well as the signal fire. On the twelfth day, he goes off alone for two hours, which Ana Lucia questions. That night, the Others attack and take nine survivors. It is discovered that they had a list of names and Ana Lucia suspects Nathan. After nearly three days of hiking, they find fresh water and Nathan insists that he's not going any further. Four days later, Ana Lucia throws him in a pit that she has dug. He tells her that he was in the lavatory during the flight and that he's from Canada. After being in the pit for four days, Goodwin helps Nathan out, but then breaks his neck. Goodwin later tells Ana Lucia that Nathan wasn't taken because he wasn't a "good person."

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