The Patriot Resource - Lost

Characters' Backstory Revealed in the Pilot:

He is a licensed lifeguard.

Plays bass in the band Driveshaft, who had a hit song with "You All Everybody.".
He has a drug problem.

He has a friend that fought in the Gulf War in the 104th Airborne.

He is a doctor. His first surgery as a resident was a spinal surgery on a sixteen year old girl. After thirteen hours of operating, he accidently cut the base of her spine, causing nerves and spinal fluid to spill out. After allowing fear to overwhelm him for five seconds, he calmed down, sewed her up and she was fine.
He took a couple of flying lessons, but it wasn't for him.

She is a fugitive who was being escorted back by a U.S. Marshal.

She is from the Bronx.

He fought in the Gulf War serving as a military communications officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard.

She learned some French while living in Paris for a year.

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