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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 1 [-10:00]:
An eye opens, looking skyward through bamboo trees. Pull back from Jack lying down. A noise grabs his attention and he turns his head. It turns out to be an unharmed Vincent the dog, who comes up by Jack and then runs off into forest. Jack struggles to his feet. He has a severe pain in his side. He reaches into his jacket pocket and finds a small bottle of Vodka. He begins to run through the bamboo trees, passing a tennis shoe hanging from one of the trees. He bursts out of the trees to find himself on a beach. A screaming woman (Shannon) can be heard, then the shrill whirling of machinery (the jet engine). Jack turns and runs down the beach. He pauses as he takes in the scene before him.

Jack begins moving into the debris field, passing burning machinery and survivors before coming to a large section of intact fuselage. Charlie is briefly seen nearly walking in front of the spinning turbine before turning back. Jin stands up as he's calling for Sun. Michael is running, calling out for Walt. Shannon is standing still, screaming. A man runs in front of her yelling "stay away from the gas." Shannon continues screaming. Jack hears metal stressing, looks up and sees fumes and fuel spraying out of flexing wing. He hears someone calling for help. A man is trapped under debris near the fuselage. Jack runs over to him, but can't move the debris alone so he calls three others over, one of whom is Locke. The three lift the debris as Jack drags the man free. As he does so, we see the man's leg is crushed and his lower leg and foot are missing. Jack takes off his tie to apply a tourniquet.

Jack hears a woman calling for help and looks around. He spots a very pregnant Claire doubled over. He gets up, tells Locke and one other man to move the injured man away from the still spinning engine and runs over to Claire. She says that she's having contractions. Jack asks her how far along she is and she answers eight months. While she's talking, Jack looks over and sees Boone attempting CPR on Rose. Locke and the other survivor are helping the injured man. Locke looks over and sees a man strolling in front of the turbine. Locke tries to warn him off, but the man can't hear him and then gets sucked in. The turbine explodes as Jack throws himself over Claire. They and Boone stay down as fiery debris rains down around them. Jack then helps Claire to sit up. He tells her that she will be fine as long as she sits still. He looks over at Boone working on Rose.

Jack calls Hurley over and tells him to help Claire away from the fumes. He tells Hurley to get him if Claire's contractions become less than three minutes apart. Jack then runs off. Hurley calls after Jack for his name. Jack answers him and then goes over to Boone and Rose. He tells Boone that he's doing the CPR improperly. Boone says that he's a licensed lifeguard, but Jack retorts that he might want to give his license back. Boone suggests opening a airway in her throat with a pen. Jack says, "Yeah, good idea. Go get me a pen." Boone takes off as Jack continues the CPR. Rose finally comes around.

Jack then looks up to see the wing starting to wobble. He looks down and sees Hurley and Claire sitting there, oblivious. Jack starts running toward them, calling out as rivets can be heard popping. Hurley hears him, looks up and starts moving. Jack gets there and the three move out of the way as the wing collapses. The remaining fuel inside is ignited and explodes, knocking them down. More explosions. Charlie is just walking around when a huge flaming chunk of metal lands only a few feet from him. Jack sits up, checks on Claire and Hurley and tells Hurley to stay with her.

Music and credits play as Jack moves into a stable part of the fuselage. He is taking a moment to gather himself as we can see a hand hanging down. Boone runs up and shows Jack a handful of pens. After a moment, Jack takes them and walks off, leaving Boone to look over the scene inside the fuselage. Jack digs through luggage for a small sewing kit. He further down the beach for privacy and takes his jacket and shirt off. We see blood all over the side of his t-shirt He takes it off to reveal a large gash on the side of his back under his left arm. He touches it and feeling a wave of pain.

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