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Flight 815 Information Revealed in Pilot:

Seat Locations:
Jack was sitting in 23A in Economy Class.
Rose sat in 23D with her husband, Bernard, in 23E in Economy Class.
Locke was sitting in 24D in Economy Class.
The marshal and Kate sat in 27G and 27H in Economy Class.
Charlie was sitting in 29C in Economy Class.
Boone and Shannon were sitting in 9E and 9F in Business Class.
Sayid sat in row 10 (last row) of Business Class (according to Sawyer).

Flight Details:
An airline employee at the gate in Syndey did not allow Boone and Shannon to sit in First Class.

According to the pilot, the radio went out six hours into the flight. They were off radar. The pilot turned back to land at Fiji and estimated that they were a thousand miles off course when they hit the turbulence and crashed.

Luggage from an overhead compartment flew out and struck the marshal in the head, knocking him unconscious. This allowed Kate to get his keys and free herself from the restraints. Later, during the crash, the marshal was impaled by shrapnel.

Jack blacked out before the tail section broke away. Kate was conscious when the tail section broke off.
The tail section of the airplane broke off first. The middle section of the airplane, including the wings, crashed on the beach. The cockpit and first class crashed in the jungle.

Also see this episode's flashbacks, all of which take place on the airplane just prior to the crash.

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