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Jungle Whispers Transcripts
EPISODE 1.02 - "Pilot, Part 2"
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Transcripts by "RVTURNAGE"
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[1st draft]

(1st Polar Bear Attack)
"Right" (?; 5 sec)
"Wait" (6 sec)
"They're coming" (13 sec)
"Who are they?" (15 sec)
"I see something coming.
Get up, get up, get up" (19 sec)
"Already seen the crash" (23 sec)
"What's he doing" (37 sec)
"No way he can stop me.
The bullets are too weak" (41 sec)
"Wait a minute" (46 sec)
"Stay down" (46.5 sec)
"No, it's no good" (52 sec)
"What do I do" (53 sec)
"Stay ready" (56 sec)
"How'd he sneak a gun" (70 sec)
"Stranger" (slowed down; 75 sec)
"You want me to do anything" (behind Kate's voice; slowed down; 80 sec)
"No yet" (83 sec)
"Why" (84 sec)
"Won't be able to repair it" (86 sec)

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