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Jungle Whispers Transcripts
EPISODE 2.17 - "Lockdown"
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Transcripts by "PENYOURS" and "RVTURNAGE"
From The Fuselage Message Boards

(Starts with the music playing and ends just prior to Locke seeing the loudspeaker)

"Let's do it" (0 sec)
"Let's give it to them" (0.2 sec)
"That'll do it" (1.3 sec)
Phone beeping noises(?) (9.3 sec)
"Twenty minutes to lockdown"
(12 sec)
"I had enough" (14.25 sec)
"Who wants it?" (15.25 sec)
"Ddon't tell us that" (17.5 sec)
"Block your entrances" or "Block the other entrances" (18.5 sec)
"He probably knows there's a way out" (30.75 sec)
"I'll go help out a little bit" or "It's their job, let them fix it" (32 - 33.5 sec)
"Turn that back up" or "Do you have a backup?" (37 sec)
"Won't let me stop it" (38.5 sec)
"Has her sounding alright" or "Hasn't found it; Alright" (40 sec)
"We're gonna get help then" (41 sec)
"Are they okay?" (42 sec)
"Anybody hear them yet?" (43.2-44 sec)
"Send me up" (44.06 sec)
"Move it over (overlaps "Send me up"; 44.06 sec)
"Before you seal up the chamber" (45.5 sec)
"I will..brush" (47.18 sec)
"Put them in the dark" (47.18 sec)
"Tried to warn him" (48-49 sec)
"Let's just try to go up" or "He'll stop trusting us" (49 sec)
"That's his problem (background; 49.5-50.4 sec)
"He's going around" (50.2sec)
"It's not working" (50 sec)
"Let's take it slow" or "The point is running from" (51 sec)
"Almost there" (52 sec)
"I can't get to see him" (52.8 sec)
Higher Pitched Voice:
"We should be trying to go over in a minute" (54 sec)
"We don't want to hurt the man right" or "John, we dont' want to hurt you" (58 sec)
Unintelligible voices (63.2 sec)
"I know how" (64.5 sec)
"Are you sure you looked over everything?" (65.5 sec)
"Someone help me" (66.5 sec)
"Except for the power" (66.5 sec)
"Hello, who complained?" or "I don't hear him complaining" (67.72 sec)

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