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Jungle Whispers Transcripts
EPISODE 2.12 - "Fire + Water"
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Transcripts by "RVTURNAGE"
From The Fuselage Message Boards
[1st draft]

(Charlie's Dream)
"Which way's he going?" (6.5 sec)
"Die, die, die, die, die, die" (sped up; 8.5 sec)
"Going to bring it" (9 sec)
"He will die tonight" (sped up; 12 sec)
"Grab it right now" (4 sec)
"I know I've had it" (5.5 sec)
"Let's get him mving " (7.5 sec)
"Are you confused or something" (sped up; 8 sec)
"He's just leaving him" (reversed; 11 sec)
"We can all raise this baby" (12 sec)

"You can help him, but don't screw it up..." (reversed; 4 sec)
"Should've been ready" (sped up; 5 sec)
"Won't have to, Charlie's almost there" (reversed; 6.5 sec)
"Why are we doing this" (7 sec)
"What about it" (8 sec)
"This is for his own good" (reversed; 9 sec)
"So someody else will see" (or 'so somebody won't deceive him'; 9.5 sec)
"Help him" (chorus in background; 13 sec)
"Already got to him" (15 sec)

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