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Jungle Whispers Transcripts
EPISODE 2.10 - "The 23rd Psalm"
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Transcripts by "PENYOURS" and "RVTURNAGE"
From The Fuselage Message Boards

(Starts with the Smoke Monster close to Eko's face)
."Who are you... and why are you here?" (Background; Slowed down; 0-2.3 sec)
"Report, report!" (overlaps; 0 sec)
"Saw Charlie with him" (overlaps; 1 sec)
"There's Charlie" (3 sec)
"Go to hell " (Nigerian accent; 3.3 sec)
"Steadily" (overlaps; 3.3 sec)
(Lines heard while shot moves inside smoke and images can be seen)
All lines overlap:

"She's/He's trying here" (4 sec)
"Nothing there" (4.2 sec)
"Now try him from here, okay." (5 sec)
"Those are the roles (rules?) you accept (6 sec)
(Shot moves back out of smoke)
"Go to hell" (Nigerian accent; 6.3 sec)
"Nine" (slowed down; 6.3 sec)
"Where" (7 sec)
"Seven" (slowed down; 7 sec)
"He's hiding something" (8 sec)
"He's hiding from me" (9 sec)

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