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Jungle Whispers Transcripts
EPISODE 2.13 - "The Long Con"
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Transcripts by "PENYOURS"
From The Fuselage Message Boards
[1st draft]

(Sayid Tunes the Radio)
Lines buried in static and the Glenn Miller song

"Il faut nous aider" ('We need help'; 4 sec)
"Vous etes alles jusqu'au rocher noir" ('You went to the Black Rock'; 7 sec)
"He helps his brother" (?; 9 sec)
"They're on" (24 sec)
"Who the heck is on" (28 sec)
"Shut up" (30 sec)
"Who's there" (31 sec)
"Look out" (or 'Let's go'; 31.5 sec)
"Turn that off" (54 sec)

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