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Island Mysteries in the Pilot:

The Creature:
On their first night on the island, the survivors hear a large creature walking through the jungle. Trees can be seen falling as if beneath giant footsteps. The next day, during a sudden rainstorm, the creature can be heard walking by the edge of the jungle again. After Jack, Kate and Charlie find the front of the airplane and the pilot alive in the cockpit, the creature comes along. It grabs the pilot out of the cockpit and the windows are immediately sprayed with blood. After Jack narrowly escapes the creature, the three of them find the pilot's bloody body high in a tree nearby.

Polar bear:
While hiking to high ground, several survivors are rushed by a polar bear. Sawyer kills it with the marshal's gun, but it's is observed that the bear should not be living in that climate.

The Frenchwoman:
Another signal causes feedback in the transceiver when Sayid tries to send. He finds a French-language distress signal that has been repeating for sixteen years and five months. Shannon translates the message as, " I'm alone on the island. Please come. The others are dead. It killed them all." They realize that a rescue party could not have come for her becaue the message would not still be playing.

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