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Character Flashbacks Seen in the Pilot:

A flight attendant slipped Jack two small bottles of Vodka, one of which he tucked in his coat pocket while he drank the other. After the Fasten Seat Belts light goes off, he decides to get up. Before he makes it to the aisle, Charlie hurries by followed by two flight attendants. Jack sits back down, turbulence starts. Rose sits across the aisle from him. Jack tries to reassure her, but the turbulence gets worse as we see that Locke is sitting directly behind Rose. The airplane suddenly drops and then goes into a steep descent. The oxygen masks drop down, which Jack and Rose both manage to put on.

He was acting agitated and the flight attendant grew concerned. When he spotted her and two male crew moving forward, Charlie got out of his seat and hurried forward. He made it to an empty lavatory just behind the cockpit where he got a fix. Just as he was about to flush his stash, the airplane hit turbulence and started a steep descent. Charlie managed to make his way to a seat, buckle in and put on an oxygen mask.

She was a fugitive being escorted back by a U.S. Marshal, who was very snide toward her. When the airplane hit the turbulence and began its rapid descent, a piece of luggage fell from an overhead compartment and knocked the marshal unconscious. Kate tried to reach her oxygen mask, but was unable to. She then dug through his pockets and found the key. She freed her hand and put the oxygen mask on. She then reached over and put an oxygen mask on the marshal. She was conscious as the airplane continued to descend and even after the tail section broke away.

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