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Korean Translations from Episodes 1.1 & 1.2 ("Pilot"):

Translations by "HONALULUROB"
From the ABC Message Boards

(Sitting around the fire the first night)
"Don't leave my sight, follow me, understand? Don't worry about the others, we have to stay together."

(Taking shelter during the rain)
Jin (to man):
"No, no, no, there is no room for you. Go somewhere else."
(Jin is saying this because he doesn't want another man too close to his wife)

(Michael asking Jin & Sun if they have seen Walt)
Sun (to Michael):
"Sorry, I can't speak English. Sorry, I can't speak English."
Jin (to Sun):
"Button your shirt, hurry."

(While Kate is bathing in the ocean)
"Excuse me, it's ready. They are looking for you."
(Sun is talking about the transceiver)

(Jin offering sun gae (sea urchin) to Hurley on the beach)
"This is tasty food, try some. It's sun gae. If you eat it, it will give you strength. Please eat. I have enough for everyone."
(This is customary in Korea to make sure that everyone eats. Food is very important in Korean culture)

(Jin offering sun gae (sea urchin) to Claire on the beach)
"This is sun gae, try some please. You have to eat for the baby, try at least one. This one, eat this one.
How is that? Good? Eat one more."

(Claire's baby starts moving and she tries to get Jin to feel the baby move)
"Are you OK? No, no, no, don't do this. No, no, no. Please let my hand go."

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