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Korean Translations from Episode 1.20 ("Do No Harm"):

Translations by "HERSHIRE"
From the LostFever Message Boards

(Jin gets to the caves and finds Hurley sitting in the caves.)
"Jack!... Jack!... Jack! Doctor! Uh, Jack!"

(Jin finds Sun helping Jack tend to Boone)
Jin (to Sun):
"That jungle area near the coast ... that pregnant women! She's close to giving birth!

Jin: Claire!
(Charlie asks about Claire.)
"Right now, she's with Kate but they want you to come quickly."
(Jin looks at Jack).

(Jack looks dizzy, starts shaking his head.)
(Sun translated what Jin said and Charlie wants to know where they are)
"They say they need Jack."
Sun (to Jin) :
"Is Claire Okay?"
(Jin looks ashamed/embarassed to talk to Sun directly.)
Jin (to Sun) :
"That's what it looks like."
(Sun translates for Jin and then Jack asks about the contractions.)
Sun (to Jin):
"How fast are the contractions coming?"
"Uh... hm, uh.. maybe once every two minutes?"
(Jack asks more questions and Sun basically translates verbatim)
"I don't think the water broke but I don't think she can move."
(Sun translates the answer.)
(Charlie wants to go to Claire and asks Jack what they will need.)
(Jack wants Jin to take Charlie back to Claire.)

Sun (to Jin):
"You, with Charlie, go back to Claire."
(Sun does not use the word 'You' she uses a word that is often used by Korean couples to refer to each other when talking with each other.
The word 'You' in Korean needs to be used carefully as it is disrespectful to say 'You...' to someone older, strangers... just anyone who is not a close friend.
Just trying to point out that Sun still respects her husband.)

(Jin points at Charlie with a quizzical look on his face.]

(Jin and Charlie are with Kate and Claire.)
Jin (to Claire):
"It shouldn't be too long now. Try to calm down."

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