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Korean Translations from Episode 1.5 ("White Rabbit"):

Translations by "HONALULUROB"
From the ABC Message Boards

(Sun and Jin on the beach watching Michael and Walt)
(This part was subtitled but the subtitles are a little different from what is actually said)
"Look at your lips. You need water."
"I'm OK, thank you. When will someone tell us. I don't know what to do. No one is going to try to find us."
"Don't worry, someone will come."
"Everybody ignores us, if we try harder to communicate..."
"We'll be fine. We don't need anyone else. I will tell you what to do."
(This is Jin's way of comforting her. He is still being the provider. This is where their culture is shown. The man must take care of the woman and she should listen. Koreans are very independent and really only like to deal with other Koreans. There is a comfort level in this)

(Sayid questioning Sun about the water)
Sun (to Sayid):
"I'm sorry, there is a misunderstanding."
Jin (yelling at Sayid):
"Beat it, SOB. If you touch my wife one more time I will kill you."
(Sayid never touched Sun but Jin came running from a distance so maybe he thought he saw Sayid touching her. This is Jin protecting his wife, something that any man of any race would do)

(Sun and Jin sitting around a fire: Sun)
"Thank you for getting me water."
"I'm your husband, that's what I'm supposed to do."

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