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Korean Translations from Episode 1.13 ("Hearts and Minds"):

Translations by "HONALULUROB"
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Episode 1.13 - "Hearts and Minds" (HONALULUROB)

(Hurley asks Jin to show him where the fish are)
"I don't play with amateurs. Please go away."
(Jin says this in a nice way)
(Hurley steps on a sea urchin and starts to scream)
"What happened?"
Jin (grabing Hurley):
"Let's go over there, let's go over there."
Jin (as they come out of the water):
"Sit down."
Jin (looking at Hurley's foot):
"I have to pull it out."
(Hurley yells and points for Jin to pee on his foot)
"What are you doing? No, stupid."
(He was saying that the idea or action was stupid)
"It's from the sea urchin."
(Some lines were inaudible and the words didn't make sense)

(Later, after Jin gives Hurley the fish)
"Did you eat?"
(Eating is very important in Korean culture. This is a common greeting)
(The rest of their conversation was inaudible)

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