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July 2008 - September 2008 News and Announcements:

9/29/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Action
Catch up with your favorite computer geek turned government operative as he saves the world one secret mission at a time with the Chuck: The Complete First Season DVD. When a twenty-something computer geek (Zachary Levi) inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, he becomes the CIA's most valuable asset, and must be protected by undercover agents John Casey (Adam Baldwin) and the beautiful Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski). The DVD set includes all 13 episodes, extras and a playable demo of EA Sports' Madden NFL 09 for Xbox 360.
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9/21/08 - Film: Index / Films: General
Cool Hand Luke, the searing prison drama starring Paul Newman in one of his quintessential roles as a defiant chain-gang convict suffering a "failure to communicate," is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Newly remastered, the Deluxe Edition includes a feature-length commentary by Newman biographer Eric Lax and the all-new featurette "A Natural Born World-Shaker: Making Cool Hand Luke." The film was nominated for four Academy Awards® with co-star George Kennedy winning for Best Supporting Actor.
Click Here for DVD Details and Review
Cool Hand Luke

9/7/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Comedy
Two geeky physicists plus one hot female neighbor equals the perfect formula for one hilarious new comedy. The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First Season DVD is now available. This laugh out loud comedy proves the theory that smart is the new sexy, drawing in nearly 9 million viewers a week. In addition to the entire first season of this smart and charming comedy, The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First Season contains a brand-new bonus featurette: Quantum Mechanics of The Big Bang Theory.
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The Big Bang Theory

9/6/08 - Hurricane Gustav
Things have been quiet here at The Patriot Resource due to Hurricane Gustav and its aftermath. We're hopeful that Hurricane Ike doesn't follow in its wake so we can return to regular updates.
Hurricane Gustav

8/30/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Action
Chuck: The Complete First Season will be available on DVD September 16 but fans can look for online clues to decode Chuck's message for a chance to win a $2,000 gift card now!

Look for your first clues at

8/30/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Animated
He may be rough and rugged, but unlikely hero Popeye the Sailor still garners countless fans nearly 80 years after his television debut. This unpretentious underdog makes his way back into the hearts of Popeye enthusiasts when Warner Home Video (WHV), Hearst Entertainment and King Features Syndicate get set to release Popeye The Sailor 1941-1943 Volume 3 DVD on November 4, 2008.
Click Here for WHV Press Release Details
Popeye Volume 3

8/27/08 - Film: Index / Films: General
Oliver Stone’s acclaimed film biography of former U.S. President Richard Nixon, Nixon, is available on DVD and Blu-ray in the Election Year Edition. Stone’s story of one of the most loathed and admired presidents in American history, comes in a two-disc special edition with bonus features including a never-before-seen documentary examining Nixon’s rise and fall. For this Election Year Edition, the director’s cut has been fully re-mastered and includes remixed audio and a new high definition video transfer on Blu-ray Disc, resulting in the most visually compelling and best-sounding version of this film to date.
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8/25/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Reviews
America’s favorite pop diva bursts onto Blu-ray High-Def and DVD in the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds 3-D Concert. The sold-out concert event has been captured live and in 3-D for an experience that’s so real, it’s like having an all-access pass! Complete with amazing footage, stellar bonus features and 3-D glasses, the two-disc extended edition will have fans dancing right out of their seats!
Click Here for More Details and Review
Hannah Montana - Best of Both Worlds

8/24/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: BBC Presentations
This 17-disc The BBC Natural History Collection DVD Set is the ultimate exploration of the place we all call home. You'll visit impossible locations on land and beneath the sea as you experience never-before-seen footage of Earth's best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures-all captured with astounding clarity. Includes every episode of the remarkable Planet Earth, The Blue Planet: Seas of Life Special Edition, The Life of Birds and The Life of Mammals. All 33 hours are wonderfully narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Hours of extras and special features only add to the remarkable discoveries.
More Details: Planet Earth, The Blue Planet, The Life of Birds and The Life of Mammals
BBC Natural History Collection

8/24/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: BBC Presentations
Witness some of the most moving and intimate elephant behavior ever captured on film, now collected for the first time in BBC's Echo and the Other Elephants DVD. Sir David Attenborough and famed researcher Cynthia Moss are your knowledgeable hosts for all three prize-winning episodes as seen on PBS Nature. You'll follow thirty eventful years in the life of Echo, the wise and experienced matriarch of an African elephant family-from mating struggles and raising mischievous children, to kidnapping and emotional reunions, all filmed in Kenya's spectacular Amboseli National Park. Four additional programs help you get to know and understand these magnificent creatures even more.
Click Here for More Details
Echo and Other Elephants

8/24/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: BBC Presentations
Get a little wild as Sir David Attenborough leads you on a dazzling journey that reveals the lives and habitats of the most amazing animals in BBC's Wildlife Specials DVD. Along with the spectacular scenery, you'll witness fascinating animal behavior both moving and enlightening. Includes the magnificent nature films Polar Bear: The Arctic Warrior, Crocodile: The Smiling Predator, Leopard: The Agent of Darkness, Eagle: The Master of the Skies, Humpback Whale: The Giant of the Oceans and Wolf: The Legendary Outlaw.
Click Here for More Details
BBC Wildlife Specials

8/20/08 - Film: Index / Films: Animated
A spunky Chinese girl and her miniature dragon companion turn their tradition bound society upside down in two beloved animated adventures in The Ultimate Mulan Two Movie Collection DVD. Based on the 2,000-year-old Chinese folktale "Hua Mulan," the collection follows the audacious adventures of a brave young woman who leapfrogs over centuries-old conventions to embark on an epic journey filled with laughter, friendship and excitement.
Click Here for DVD Details and Review

8/13/08 - Film: Index / Films: Fantasy
Explosive martial arts combat, intriguing heroes and soaring special effects make The Legend of the Shadowless Sword DVD an exhilarating action experience. The Legend of the Shadowless Sword, which stars Lee Seo Jin (Gongpo Taxi, Phoenix), Yoon Soy (Goodbye Solo, The Twins) and Shin Hyun-Joon (Soul Guardian, Story of a Man), is a fantastical adventure set in ancient Korea, where master swordplay, epic battles and stunning martial arts action kick into high gear.
Click Here for Film Details & Review
Legend of the Shadowless Sword

8/6/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Animated
Batman: Gotham Knight (available in DVD, 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray formats) is a fresh and exciting new entry into the Batman mythos, spinning out of a 40-year history in animation including the Emmy®-winning Batman: The Animated Series, widely considered a pivotal moment in American animation. A cross section of distinguished creators, award winning producers, and acclaimed writers weave six interlocking stories that reveal Bruce Wayne's journey to Dark Knight, each with stylish art from some of the world's most revered animation visionaries.
Click Here for More Details
Batman Gotham Knight

8/4/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: SciFi
In Witchblade: The Complete Series DVD, New York homicide detective Sara Pezzini (Yancy Butler) doesn't know why the forces of the universe have chosen her to possess the awesome living weapon called the Witchblade. Evil foes seek the Witchblade, setting in motion an ongoing battle that may cost the lives of those Sara holds dearest. In these 24 live-action episodes based on the popular comic books, Sara gradually discovers her amazing ancient link to the mysterious weapon as she wars against evildoers both natural and supernatural.
Click here for More Details and Review

7/22/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Animated
In Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season DVD, Robin, Starfire and Raven square off with Brain, and his ultimate team of villains in The Brotherhood of Evil. Some Titans will be lost along the way as the vendetta escalates into a global war, and the teen phenoms must rely on Beast Boy to bring them to victory as he performs his most amazing transformation yet. This action packed 2-disc collection contains thirteen episodes and with special features including "Teen Titans: Friend and Foes."
Click Here for More Details
Teen Titans Season 5

7/20/08 - Lost TV Series: Index
Some of the Island’s darkest secrets are revealed in the mind-blowing Lost: The Complete Fourth Season – The Expanded Experience DVD (now available for pre-order), a five-disc compilation of all 14 one-hour episodes coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc on December 9, 2008. With mesmerizing bonus features unavailable anywhere else, Lost - The Complete Fourth Season: The Expanded Experience teems with the kind of astounding discoveries and staggering events that have made Lost television’s most compelling adventure.
Click here for Complete Press Release
Lost Season 4 DVD

7/19/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Drama
In Dallas: The Complete Ninth Season DVD, the action begins with Southfork mourning the death of Bobby Ewing. But before the tears dry, folks are up to their oil wells in chicanery, greed and lust. J.R. romps with his mistress, institutionalizes his wife and plots to destroy his new business partner. Mark Graison returns from the presumed dead to complicate Pam's love life. Cliff concocts a can't-miss scheme to grab control of Ewing Oil. A femme fatale shipping CEO vamps J.R., Jack and even Cliff. It ends with the shocking scene that kept fans in a frenzy all summer.
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7/4/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Action
The Dukes of Hazzard: TV Double Feature DVD is now available and includes two full length made-for-TV films, Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! and Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood in a 2-disc collection. Reunion! brings the original cast back home to Hazzard County, only to discover a plot by a crooked developer to destroy Hazzard Swamp and turn it into a theme park. The Duke Boys head west in Hazzard in Hollywood to sell musical recordings in order to raise money to build a new hospital in Hazzard County .
Click Here for More Details
Dukes of Hazzard

7/4/08 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Drama
In The Closer: The Complete Third Season DVD, Brenda investigates a retirement facility where a man confesses to seven murders but refuses to give his name. She is put on a case that involves the slaughter of an entire family in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood and has to deal with becoming the most downloaded video on YouTube after she's assaulted by a bride whose wedding she stopped. Half-way through the season, Brenda begins to feel ill until test results from the doctor reveal what's going on. The DVD includes all 15 episodes and also features bonus material.
Click Here for More Details & Video Clips
The Closer

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