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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Transcripts

2. The Aftermath (:45)
The scene picks up after the soldier falls into the camera ending the skirmish that has spilled over onto the Martin farm.

A shot of tree branches gently swaying in an early morning breeze and birds heard chirping in the distance.

Benjamin and Thomas, carrying muskets, walk out into the field in front of the house. The camera pans up to show many bodies laying in the field.

Closeup of Benjamin caming to a halt and looking down at the camera at something.

We see a Continental soldier, whose lower right leg is gone and his left leg is trapped beneath a dead horse. He looked up at the camera (Benjamin off-screen) as the scene fades out.

Comments about the scene
The scene comes in at only about forty-five seconds. The scene is nicely done with the low fog over the fields and really captures the atmosphere of their farm carved out of the wilderness, but doesn't move the story forward. We are shown the wounded later on when Gabriel Martin wakes up and walks out onto the porch, so this scene is reduntant and expendable.

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