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6. "Wait for My Order" (:55)
The scene picks up with Benjamin Martin carrying Gabriel's flag as he rides up along side Colonel Burwell and Major Villeneuve. It extends that scene and then switches to a scene between General Cornwallis and Colonel Tavington.

We see a panoramic shot of streams of men marching to the Patriot camp, including Martin's band, who are marching close to the ruins that are at the center of the battle later on.

Tavington is in a tent, being treated for the wound that Gabriel gave him.

Cornwallis (off-screen):
"You will be missed tomorrow, Colonel."

A wide shot of the tent over Tavington's shoulder shows that Cornwallis has just walked in.

"Missed, M'Lord?"

"Your wound."

Switch to a perspective from over Cornwallis' shoulder. Tavington pushes away the doctor and stands up.

"It's nothing."

Back to over Tavington's shoulder.

"I stand on the eve of the greatest victory of my career. Don't fail me."

Back over Cornwallis' shoulder.

"My efforts in no small measure have brought you here."

"I grant you that small measure, in spite of your failure to deliver The Ghost to me."

"Thus far."

Switch back to over Tavington's shoulder.

"I will not tolerate a premature charge born of your eagernous for glory...Wait for my order."

Cornwallis turns and begins to walk out.

"Or you may abandon all hope of Ohio."

Closeup of Tavington ruminating over Cornwallis' threat.

Comments about "Wait for My Order" Scene:
The deleted sequence here is not quite a minute long. It first contains a nice visual effects shot of hundreds of men marching across the fields toward camp. It serves no purpose to the story, other than furthering the epic feel of the movie.

Next, we are shown another tense scene between General Cornwallis and Colonel Tavington. This scene is nearly a repeat of the earlier deleted scene that took place in the officers' tent, with Cornwallis chastisizing Tavington for his overanxious cavalry charges. Perhaps, choosing one of the scenes would be useful, but the first scene was too early and this scene falls after Tavington and Cornwallis have made their bargain, following Martin's ruse. This scene does nothing to add to the tension of the story, although Tavington's injury is acknowledged, which is altogether missing in the final cut.

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