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5. The Heart of a Villain (2:25)
The scene picks up with Charlotte and the children's arrival at the slave colony. It picks up after the children surround and hug Abigale.

Charlotte and Abigale walk into a doorway.

"I know it's not much but you can stay here with me."

Interior shot of the fireplace in the hut.

Closeup of Charlotte beginning to cry as she looks around the hut.

Abigale and the children stand along a wall of the hut and await Charlotte's answer.

Closeup of Charlotte smiling.

"It's beautiful. Thank you."

Abigale and the children smile at the answer.

Another closeup of Charlotte smiling as she looks around the hut.

Closeup of a uniformed hand holding the tip of a flower. the camera pans up and out to show Colonel Tavington.

"Beautiful country. Everything grows here."

Closeup of the Loyalist Captain Wilkins while a scream is heard in the distance.

Closeup of Tavington sighing.

Wide shot showing Tavington and Wilkins standing in a field. They turn and start walking toward a farmhouse in the distance.

Closeup of a hand. Covered with dried blood, but also dripping with fresh blood. The hand goes out of focus as Tavington comes into focus in the doorway behind.

The room is shown. A body is laying on a table in the middle of the room. Tavington's second, Captain Bordon, turns to face him.

Tavington (off-screen):

"I'm sorry, Sir."

Closeup of the body's face. It's one of Benjamin's militia. Bordon raises the head up.

"He died."

Closeup of Tavington looking annoyed and walking toward the table.

Closeup of Bordon looking wary at what Tavington's reaction to his failure will be.

Closeup of Tavington turning to face the table.

Wide shot that shows Tavington picking up one of the table, rolling the body off of it, as Bordon stands in the background.

"Bring me the other one."

Closeup of Wilkins wincing as the body hits the floor with a thud.

Wide shot of Tavington walking away from the table as another one of Benjamin's militia is dragged in by two British soldiers. It's Rollins. Bordon grabs a large pouch that the militia man was holding.

Closeup of coins spilling out of the upturned pouch onto the table.

Closeup of Rollins looking at Tavington (off-screen), as he is still held by one soldier.

Closeup of Tavington looking back at him, while Wilkins looks on from behind Tavington.

Closeup of Bordon.

"This one's a rebel AND a thief."

Closeup of Tavington looking down at the coins on the table and then at Rollins.

Closeup of Rollins.

"I'm not a thief; I'm a Patriot."

Closeup of Wilkins.

Closeup of Bordon.

Closeup of Tavington, who steps toward Rollins and picks up a coin off the table.

"Ah, I wonder how patriotic you would be if I offered you the chance to walk out of here alive and to triple all of this."

Closeup of Rollins as Tavington continues.

"All you have to do is tell me where I can find Benjamin Martin and his rabble."

Closeup of Tavington twirling the coin as he waits for an answer.

Closeup of Rollins who gradually breaks into a smile, nearly chuckling.

Closeup of Bordon smiling in response to Rawlins' smile.

Closeup of Tavington, who also is starting to smile.

Closeup of Rollins nodding.

Closeup of Tavington as he is spit upon by Rollins.

Closeup of Rollins, again defiant.

"Do your worst."

Closeup of Tavington, still with his eyes closed after the spit, as Rollins is being pushed down against the table.

Closeup of Rollins' face being pushed into the table.

Closeup of Tavington wiping the spit off and turning to look down at Rollins.

"I always do."

Comments About 'The Heart of a Villain' Scene:
The deleted sequence here is almost two and half minutes long. It begins to establish what Colonel Tavington's definition of total war is. This is a decent scene, but since the militia man Rollins has been morally ambiguous, it doesn't have the edge of the scene of John Billings finding his dead wife and child or the church scene. If the film weren't so long, then this scene would help build the tension, with Tavington starting with the men themselves, moving onto their families and finally anyone associated with them as in Pembroke Village.

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