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The Patriot Film Insights: Deleted Scenes

Various Deleted Scenes - Notes on deleted scenes not found in the theatrical release or on the Special Edition DVD.

The following are transcripts of the 6 deleted scenes found on the Special Edition DVD:

1. The Creek - This scene is the day after the cannonfire was heard in the distance, adding a day between the cannonfire and the skirmishing that spills onto the farm.

2. The Aftermath - This scene takes place the morning after the skirmishing reached the farm and before Gabriel awoke. Benjamin and Thomas go out to look for wounded.

3. Birth of the Ghost & The Funeral - This scene continues the rescue of Gabriel, their return to the now-burned out Martin home and concludes with a funeral for Thomas.

4. The Butcher - This scene takes place after the Battle of Camden. Colonel Tavington in the officers' tent and is treated as an outsider.

5. The Heart of a Villain - This scene takes place when Colonel Tavington is now using every means possible to capture Benjamin Martin. Here, he is torturing some of Martin's militia for information.

6. "Wait for My Order" This scene takes place following Colonel Tavington's fight with Gabriel Martin. General Cornwallis visits Tavington in the infirmary.

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