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The Patriot Film Insights: Various Deleted Scenes

Here are a few known scenes that were filmed, but didn't make it into the theatrical release and were not included on the DVD.

1. A shot of Colonel Tavington beheading a Continental soldier in the climactic battle. The leadup to this shot can be seen as Tavington and his dragoons first charge into the battle, slashing their swords as they went. Click Here for a rough cut screenshot of this scene.

2. A scene from the field hospital sequence that depicted a wounded Continental soldier having his foot amputated. A real amputee was used for the scene to add realism with the bloody prostetics.

3. A shot of a British dragoon and his horse being ripped through by a cannonball.

4. The Battle of Yorktown was longer and included a scene in which George Washington, who remembers Benjamin Martin from their days in the French and Indian War, gives him condolences on Martin's personal loses.

5. A scene in which Tavington is alone in a field and catches and squeezes a firefly, killing it.
(Ed.: I guess that was deemed to be a bit much, even for how evil Tavington is portrayed in the film.)

6. More footage from Gabriel's time in Valley Forge where more is seen of George Washington (who in the final cut, only appears in the distance on horseback for a moment when Gabriel looks up from his writing).

7. Additional footage for the sequence showing the wounded following the skirmish at the Martin farm. There is a shot of Martin treating a wounded soldier, who has a huge, bloody, open wound. It is because of this soldier that Benjamin is covered in blood in the theatrical cut. Also, Thomas getting sick at sight of this soldier's wound may or may not have been filmed.

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