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The Patriot Film Insights: Bloopers

1. This blooper took place during the filming of the scene where Colonel Tavington (Jason Isaacs) confronts Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) after Martin had met with General Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson) under a flag of truce. Tavington cannot harm him, so he tries to provoke Martin into making the first move.

After filming several takes correctly, Jason Isaacs walked up to Mel Gibson and said "You! So you're the Ghost, are you? You know I don't usually go for the lads, but you are a dashed good looking fellow."

2. During filming of the climactic battle, the slope in which the Continental and Patriot forces all run up during their charge was slick. Mel Gibson himself had trouble, slipping and falling, so he walked off. When he returned, wardrobe had cut out the soles of his boots and Gibson wore the top of the boot pulled over some hiking boots. The extras had to just keep on slipping.

3. During filming of one of the battle scenes, an overhead camera was used. One of the production assistants told the extras that the camera had been used on Godzilla. As a practical joke on Director Roland Emmerich's birthday, when given a cue, everyone began acting as if the camera was Godzilla.

4. This blooper took place during Colonel Tavington's (Jason Isaacs) first scene at the Martin farm. Tavington is sitting on his horse while Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) is pleading with him not to hang Gabriel Martin (Heath Ledger). Tavington responds by pointing his pistol at the children.

During one take, Isaacs' horse turned its head, so that he now had his pistol pointed right at its head. Without missing a step, Isaacs exclaimed, "Now see what happened? You've got me so pissed off I'm gonna shoot my own horse!" It was several minutes before filming continued.

5. During the scene in which the Martins first arrive at the Charleston home of Charlotte Selton (Joely Richardson), the little girl who was playing the silent two-year-old Susan Martin, spied the doll that would be given to her in the scene and cried out, "I want that doll." Mel Gibson joked, "It's a miracle--she's cured."

6. During filming of a scene at the Battle of Camden where Colonel Tavington charges through the Patriot line, Jason Isaac's horse was spooked by nearby musket fire and threw Isaacs. He gamely continued his scenes afterward.

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