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Teen Titans Season 1 DVD Details:
Disc One - Episodes
"Divide and Conquer"; 8/2/2003: Cinderblock breaks Plasmus out of jail and a fight divides some members of the team.

"Sisters"; 7/26/2003: Starfire's sister, Blackfire comes to earth. Aliens start attacking Starfire and it is up to the Teen Titans to protect one of their own, but things are not always what they appear to be.

"Final Exam"; 7/19/2003: Slade hires the newest graduates of the H.I.V.E to take on the Teen Titans.

"Forces of Nature"; 8/16/2003: Slade finds a pair of super powered brothers Thunder and Lightning, and convinces them to use their powers for their own amusement.

"The Sum of His Parts"; 8/23/2003: Cyborg is frustrated when his limited battery charge allows a villain to escape. The mysterious Fixit might have the solution if Cyborg is willing to pay the price.

"Nevermore"; 8/30/2003: After an encounter with Dr. Light, Raven starts acting strangely and the other Titans aren't sure what should be done.

"Switched"; 9/6/2003: Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg are captured and controlled by the Puppet King. Meanwhile, Starfire's and Raven's minds get switched and they have to learn to control each other's powers.

"Deep Six"; 9/13/2003: The Titans go after the amphibious criminal Trident with the help of Aqualad.

Disc Two - Episodes
"Masks"; 9/20/2003: Robin is obsessed with finding Slade and heads off on his own leaving the rest of the Titans to battle Red X who seems to be one step ahead them.

"Mad Mod"; 9/27/2003: Mad Mod captures the Titans and traps them in a virtual world. Can they find their way to the real world without being brain washed?

"Car Trouble"; 11/11/2003: Cyborg races around the city as various villains get their hands on his newly-built "T-Car."

"Apprentice, Part 1"; 10/4/2003: While the other Titans locate a bomb planted by Slade, Robin finally locates Slade. However, Robin has to choose to become Slade's apprentice, or Slade will destroy the rest of the Titans.

"Apprentice, Part 2"; 10/11/2003: Faced with a grave threat against his friends, Robin is forced to be Slade's protégé while the team investigates their leader's unknown reasons.

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