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Teen Titans Season 5 DVD Details:
Disc One - Episodes
"Homecoming, Part 1"; 9/24/2005: Beast Boy's former team, the Doom Patrol is in trouble and that measn the Brotherhood of Evil has returned.

"Homecoming, Part 2"; 10/1/2005: Beast Boy's back with his former team, the Doom Patrol as they go after the Brotherhood of Evil.

"Trust"; 10/8/2005: The Brotherhood of Evil go after honorary Titans Wildebeest and Hotspot.

"For Real"; 10/15/2005: When the Titans ask Titans East to protect the city while they go on a mission up North, Control Freak tangles with the East Coast team.

"Snowblind"; 10/28/2005: While battling a mysterious creature in the wilds of Siberia, Starfire is lost in a blinding snowstorm. A reclusive young soldier named Red Star comes to her aid.

"Kole"; 11/4/2005: The Titans find Dr. Light is trying to increase his powers by tapping into the Aurora Borealis. The Titans chase him into a prehistoric world where they encounter Kole, a girl with the ability to change into crystal.

"Hide & Seek"; 11/12/2005: Raven's assignment is to bring her three charges to a safe place. It's complicated by the fact that Mallah is after them, and her charges are only a few years old.

Disc Two - Episodes
"Lightspeed"; 12/3/2005: To impress the Brotherhood of Evil, the HIVE Five attempt to deal with their new opponent, Kid Flash.

"Revved Up"; 12/10/2005: A thief manages to steal Robin's personal briefcase. He then challenges the Titans to a race with the winner getting to keep the briefcase.

"Go!"; 12/17/2005: The origin of the Titans.

"Calling All Titans"; 1/7/2006: The Brotherhood of Evil set a trap for the Titans and their friends. Using the communicator Robin gave to Madame Rouge, Brain plans to divide and conquer.

"Titans Together"; 1/14/2006: The Brain and his army have managed to capture or neutralize many Titans and their honorary members, but Beast Boy leads the few remaining honorary members in a desperate attempt to free the captives and stop the Brain once and for all.

"Things Change"; 1/16/2006: The Titans are back from fighting the Brotherhood of Evil. Beast Boy wants everything to be back like it was and abandons the rest of the Titans chasing that elusive goal.

— Access top-secret files from the Teen Titans: Friends and Foes featurette gallery: Control Freak , Bob & The Source , Billy Numerous , Mother Mae-Eye , Trigon

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