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Teen Titans Season 2 DVD Details:
Disc One - Episodes
"How Long Is Forever?"; 1/10/2004: Starfire fears the Titans will drift apart. When she finds herself in the future after the Titans attempt to stop a villian, she learns that the Titans HAVE drifted apart.

"Every Dog Has His Day"; 1/17/2004: Beast Boy is captured by an alien who mistakes him for his pet dog, who just escaped.

"Terra"; 1/24/2004: The Titans meet and befriend an insecure girl named Terra who has tremendous power.

"Only Human"; 1/31/2004: Cyborg believes his mechanical parts have limits which he cannot pass. When Atlas takes the Titans hostage, the only way for Cyborg to free his friends is to find a way to get past the limitations of his mechanical body.

"Fear Itself"; 2/7/2004: After defeating Control Freak, the Titans relax by watching a horror movie, but soon Raven finds that Titan Tower has become a house of horrors.

"Date With Destiny"; 2/14/2004: Killer Moth has amassed a large force of insects and will use them to destroy the city unless Robin takes his daughter to her junior prom.

"Transformation"; 2/21/2004: Starfire starts changing. When she fails to hide it from the rest of the Titans, she tries to run away.

Disc Two - Episodes
"Titan Rising"; 2/28/2004: Terra returns claiming to have more control over her powers, but the Titans aren't so sure. Slade's latest plot gives her a chance to prove herself.

"Winner Take All"; 3/6/2004: Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg compete in a "Contest of Champions" hosted by the Grand Master against other super-powered males.

"Betrayal"; 7/31/2004: Terra takes Beast Boy on a date just as Slade launches an attack on the Titans.

"Fractured"; 8/7/2004: Larry, Robin's double from a different dimension arrives and causes havoc.

"Aftershock, Part 1"; 8/14/2004: Slade and Terra attack the city. The Titans try to stop them, but Terra knows their strengths and weaknesses.

"Aftershock, Part 2"; 8/21/2004: While Terra begins to reconsider her alliance with Slade, the Titans regroup to counterattack.

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