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Teen Titans Season 4 DVD Details:
Disc One - Episodes
"Episode 257-494"; 1/17/2005: When Control Freak transports himself into the television, the Titans must follow him through 500 channels of danger.

"Cyborg the Barbarian"; 2/12/2005: Cyborg gets transported into the past, With no way to recharge his cybernetic parts, he must adapt to his new situation.

"Birthmark"; 2/5/2005: Slade shows up with new powers and abilities determined to deliver a birthday message to Raven and remind her of her destiny.

"The Quest"; 1/29/05: After failing to beat a criminal skilled in the martial arts, Robin goes on a quest to find the "True Master" to improve his skills.

"Employee of the Month"; 2/19/2005: Beast Boy wants a moped, but can't afford one so he gets a job at a fast food restaurant.

"Troq"; 5/9/2005: The Titans team up with an alien hero to fight a otherworldly menace, but fail to notice his prejudice towards Starfire.

"The Prophecy"; 6/4/2005: Slade returns and forces Raven to admit her role in the coming apocalypse to her friends.

Disc Two - Episodes
"Stranded"; 6/11/2005: A battle on a space station damages the Titans' ship causing the Titans to be separated and stranded on a planet.

"Overdrive"; 6/18/2005: The Titans battle a thief who can duplicate himself. Can Cyborg keep up?

"Mother Mae-Eye"; 6/25/2005: The Titans come under the spell of Mother Mae-Eye, who wants to take care of them... forever.

"The End, Part 1"; 7/2/2005: Trigon makes his move and he needs Raven to open a portal to Earth.

"The End, Part 2"; 7/9/2005: The Titans fight a losing battle against Trigon and need Raven to close the portal, but they can't find her.

"The End, Part 3"; 7/16/2005: Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy fight Trigon to give Robin time to locate Raven. When she's found, she's been changed.

— "Top secret files" for the villains of Season Four

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