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Teen Titans Season 3 DVD Details:
Disc One - Episodes
"Deception"; 8/28/2004: When the Titans find out Brother Blood has an academy for young super villains, Cyborg goes undercover infiltrate the HIVE academy.

"X"; 9/4/2004: A new criminal wearing Robin's Red X gear turns up.

"Betrothed"; 9/11/2004: Starfire heads back to her home planet for her marriage, which was arranged by her father.

"Crash"; 9/18/2004: A mistake by Beast Boy causes Cyborg to be infected with a computer virus.

"Haunted"; 10/2/2004: Robin is convinced that Slade is back, but the other Titans can't see him.

"Spellbound"; 10/9/2004: Raven becomes obsessed with helping to free a wizard trapped in one of her spell books.

"Revolution"; 10/16/2004: Mad Mod manages to brain wash the city into believing that the American Revolution never happened. Also, he steals Robin's energy to himself, turning Robin into an old man in the process.

Disc Two - Episodes
"Wavelength"; 10/23/2004: Brother Blood is back and has stolen Cyborg's blueprints in order to build a doomsday device.

"The Beast Within"; 10/30/2004: Exposure to some chemicals begins to change Beast Boy into an aggressive Man-Beast.

"Can I Keep Him?"; 11/6/2004: When "Silkie" eats something Starfire gives him, the silkworm undergoes a really big growth spurt.

"Bunny Raven... or How to Make a Titananimal Disappear"; 1/8/2005: Raven and the other titans are pulled into The Amazing Mumbo's Hat where there's a fantastical world that they must escape.

"Titans East, Part 1"; 1/15/2005: Cyborg heads East to help set up a Titans Tower for a new Team and ends up being asked to become the leader of the team.

"Titans East, Part 2"; 1/22/2005: Brother Blood has managed to capture and brainwash the East Coast Titans and Cyborg is the only one to resist the brainwashing.

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