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Party of Five (1994-2000) - IMDB Listing:
Christopher Keyser
Amy Lippman

Scott Wolf
Matthew Fox
Neve Campbell
Lacey Chabert
Paula Devicq
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jeremy London
... Creator
... Creator

... Bailey Salinger
... Charlie Salinger
... Julia Salinger Holbrook
... Claudia Salinger
... Kirsten Bennett Salinger
... Sarah Reeves
... Griffin Holbrook

The five Salinger siblings have to come together and survive when their parents are killed by a drunk driver.

- Charlie, the eldest, has to finish growing up for the sake of his younger siblings.
- Julia is unsure of what she wants, whatever it is, it has to be something of which everyone else disapproves.
- Bailey is responsible and ready to do anything for his family or friends.
- Claudia is a young violin genius who yearns for more attention from her often self-absorbed older siblings.
- Kirsten is hired as a nanny to Owen, but sparks fly between her and Charlie.
- Sarah is Bailey's near-perfect girlfriend.
- Griffin Holbrook is a laid-back guy that Julia decides to latch onto.

Interesting show that went beyond the usual teen angst. It peaked with Bailey's alcoholism arc. The Charlie cancer arc was disappointing to us in that he was constantly holding a pity party for himself while he was sick rather than portraying a positive patient. The show tapered off after that. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.