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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: He That Believeth In Me
Episode Number: 401
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 4/4/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
Leanne leads Gaius down a remote hallway to the unused comparement. She knocks on a door and another woman opens it. They go in and the close the door.

At the end of the hallway, Connor and Shaunt look at the doorway and then walk off.

Baltar is led deeper into the compartment and finds it full of mostly women and a few men. They bow or look down in various signs of reverence. He is led to a lighted, blinking shrine with his picture. He starts looking around, nodding and saying, "right."

Kara opens her Viper cockpit and tells Tyrol to develop her camera footage. She wants to sign her post-flight checklist, but Tyrol says that he doesn't have one. She wants to know what is going on as everyone else looks on cautiously.

Kara climbs down and Lee comes running up. He gives her a big hug.

From the catwalk, Adama asks Tigh if he believes in miracles and Tigh says that he doesn't.

Anders comes to Kara. He gives her a hug and a kiss that she pulls away from.

She's surprised that Anders is in uniform.

From the catwalk, Adama orders everyone to step back from Kara. He says that she's going to sickbay for a full workup by Cottle.

Kara is stunned. She says that she's only been gone six hours.

Anders and Lee point out that she's been gone two months and that they thought she was dead. Kara is stunned.

In the compartment, Baltar is told to stay while Leanna and others go to check on her son, Derrick. He's told that Tracey is staying behind. He tells her that he's praying for Derrick. He asks when he'll be getting off the ship. He's told that no other ship will have him. They then leave.

Inner Six drops by and wonders why he's sad when he was facing an execution the day before. He gestures to the shrine and says that he's the "king of fools." Inner Six tells Baltar that she hasn't brought him this far for nothing and that she's there for you.

Tracey finds his "prayer" stimulating. She starts questioning him about it. She says that she feels empty when she's praying to the gods. Inner Six tells him to tell her that the gods are false. Baltar launches into a spiel about the gods being manufactured by a ruling elite to hide the truth. He wonders what that truth is and Inner Six tells him that there is only one true god. This stimulates Tracey as she starts to disrobe. After he asks, Tracey assures him that they are alone.

In Adama's quarters, Starbuck is told that Cottle said she checked out. Starbuck is questioned by Roslin and Adama while Lee and Tory observe. Roslin wants her to repeat her story again. She says that she followed the Raider, took some hits, passed out and found herself orbiting the planet that matched the Temple of Athena. She took recon photos and then that was it. Roslin wants the rest of it. Starbuck says that she remembers a giant gas planet with rings, a triple star and a comet. She says she must have passed out again and found herself back with the fleet.

On the hangar deck, Tyrol says that he went over Kara's ship and found it clean and completely rebuilt. Adama points out that it's not the same ship. Tyrol concurs and also shows that the ship's nav computer has no data. Roslin wants Kara confined to the brig. Lee objects on the grounds that they are overacting in their suspicion that she could be a Cylon. Tory points out that the DNA doesn't mean anything. Roslin says she could have been a Cylon from the beginning. Tigh says that Baltar's detector was a "crock." Adama comments that they could not even know who's a Cylon until one of them is shot. Roslin thinks that Kara is meant to lead them away from Earth. That garners some looks from Tory, Tigh and Tyrol who are all present. Roslin points out that the nebula was supposed to be another clue to Earth. Then the Cylons showed up with enough firepower to finish the fleet off, but left when Kara appeared. Lee counters that maybe the next clue to Earth at the nebula was to find Kara. Roslin replies that Kara could be playing both Lee and Adama.


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