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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: He That Believeth In Me
Episode Number: 401
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 4/4/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
As Shaunt chokes Paulla, Connor wants Baltar to scream and beg for help. Baltar just looks at him. Connor drops him to the floor and draws blood.

Suddenly, Inner Six appears and asks Baltar if he was serious about giving his life. He says, "do it."

As Baltar does so, Paulla somehow manages to break free of the choke hold, grab a bar and first club Shaunt and then Connor.

They stride down the hallway and Paulla says that god delivered him. She says she felt [god's] love give her the strength to smite them down.

The two of them enter the sanctuary. Leanne is concerned about Baltar's cut. He claims that he cut himself shaving. She then says that he has to see Derrick.

Baltar walks over to find Derrick is awake and his fever has broken. Leanne calls it a miracle as Baltar is speechless. As Baltar looks one way, Inner Six can be seen looking on.

In the memorial corridor, Kara observes that her picture is still up and that Adama, Lee or Sam took it down. Anders says that she just returned and they still are adjusting. Kara says that when she woke up orbiting Earth, she thought it was a dream. She says that she went in after a Raider. She wonders if they brainwashed her. She then wonders if they took some of her back on Caprica and the Kara standing there is actually a clone. Anders says if that were the case, then she has been a Cylon from the start like Boomer. Anders says that it doesn't matter if she were a Cylon, he'd still love her. She counters that if she found out that he was a Cylon, she'd shoot him between the eyes.

Just then, Dee initializes a jump.

Kara reacts to the jump and says that they are going the wrong way. She says that Adama won't change his mind as long as he's listening to Roslin. She says that she's got to get to Roslin. Anders wonders how she'll do that. She manages to knock Anders over, jump both guards and grab a pistol. She asks Anders where she can find Roslin, but he just asks her to stop. She clubs him to the deck too.

Kara moves down the hall.

Roslin is sleeping in the bunk.

Kara rolls a smoke grenade down the corridor and takes out the guard outside Adama's quarters.

Kara enters the quarters and walks over to Roslin.

Kara cocks the gun and points it at Roslin, who is now sitting up.

"To Be Continued"



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