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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: He That Believeth In Me
Episode Number: 401
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 4/4/08 on SciFi Channel

Lee looks at Kara in disbelief. He says that he saw her ship blow up.

Kara says he didn't. She then reiterates that she's been to Earth.

Back in CIC, they hear the audio. Adama forcefully orders verification of Kara. Helo says it's her voice. Gaeta attempts to verify her. Roslin says that it's a trick.

The Cylons close in and everyone is ordered to attack.

Kara tells Lee to not lose her and they head into battle. Kara takes out a Raider.

The Cylons engage the Vipers.

Gaeta reports that the main Cylon line was stopped, but that the reserves have broken through the first wave.

Adama oders everyone that has flown before to get in the air. Tigh doesn't respond. Adama calls him again.

Tigh's Dream:
Tigh says that he's just fine, pulls a pistol and shoots Adama. He then cries out (with no audio).

Adama calls him again and he snaps back to reality saying he gave him an order. Tigh picks up the wireless and orders everyone to board.

Down in the hangar deck, Anders tells Tyrol that he's afraid that another "switch" will get flipped and he'll attack his "own." Tyrol tells him to shut up and pull it together. Athena comes along and offers encouragement. After she walks off, Anders points out that Athena didn't seem to notice that they are Cylons.

Baltar wants to know where the women are taking him. Leanne tells him that they are making use of an unused compartment and they slip out. Charlie Connor takes notice of them leaving.

Anders, Seelix and other pilots launch.

There's an intense battle sequence with the Pixis being blown up by a damaged and out of control Raider. Other ships take damage.

Roslin wonders how the Cylons found them.

Adama says that's a good question.

Tigh and Tory exchange a look.

Gaeta reports that the Cylons have launched missiles. Adama orders them to target the missiles since the fleet can't take that damage.

Anders struggles to maintain his focus. Seelix has to tell him to cut off his wireless.

Anders eventually gets on Tally's wing. He then spots a Raider pursuing Seelix. He attempts to fire, but fails.

The Raider breaks off of Seelix and turns on him. It appears to scan him.

Anders' eye shows red for a moment.

The Raider immediately turns and takes off.

In CIC, Gaeta reports that the Cylons have broken off their attack and are preparing to jump.

Adama orders the fleet to do the same before the Cylons "change their mind."

Tigh points out that the Cylons had them dead to rights.

Tory suggests that maybe something changed.

Roslin asks what that could be.

Tigh looks at Tory and then says that he has no idea.


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