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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: He That Believeth In Me
Episode Number: 401
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 4/4/08 on SciFi Channel

  • The number of survivors has dropped to under 40,000 to 39,698 which is down by more than 1,600 since 41,399 survivors were last reported in episode 3.17 ("The Son Also Rises"). Since the number of survivors is reported after the teaser, it can be assumed that the casualties from the Pixis and other ships during the latest Cylon attack are included.
  • Kara has returned after having apparently died. However, there are several inconsistencies:
    • Lee not only witnessed, but has gun camera footage of Kara's Viper exploding.
    • Kara thought she had been gone a little over six hours when it's really been two months
    • Kara's Viper is spotless and in excellent condition after her return. It had been battle-worn when she left.
    • Her Nav computer is clean. It has no data in it
  • Kara does check out medically. However, several theories are floated by Kara herself and others in the episode that could explain how:
    • Kara could have been a Cylon all along.
    • Kara could have been cloned from tissue taken when she was captured back on Caprica.
    • Kara could have been captured and brainwashed.
  • Kara returns with news of Earth, but her information is incomplete:
    • After pursuing the Heavy Raider, she blacked out and awoke to find herself orbiting Earth.
    • She does have photos of a planet with a single moon, which she claims is Earth based on the descriptions from the Book of Pythia..
    • She claims that the location corresponded to the star configuration seen in the Tomb of Athena.
    • Nearby earth, she saw a gas giant planet with rings and a comet.
    • She then set a reciprocal heading and blacked out again before finding herself in the Ionian Nebula.
    • Kara has a "sense" of the way to Earth, but the further away the Ionian Nebula that the fleet jumps, the more the feeling fades.
  • Kara's return from the dead at the same time as the appearance of the Cylons, the Cylons' sudden departure when she joined the battle and her rather incomplete explanation of where she has been all contribute to everyone's deep suspicion of her.
  • Anders, Lee and Helo appear to be the only ones that give Kara any benefit of the doubt.
  • Kara seems to be unable to fully grasp how far-fetched her story would sound to everyone else. Even when that does start to sink in, the fleet jumps which seems to have a profound effect on Kara.
  • After the last jump, Kara basically flips out (even by her standards). She drops her Marine guard, Anders, Roslin's guard and pulls a gun on Roslin herself.
  • Of the four newly revealed Cylons, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol all are involved in discussions either about the Cylon fleet or Kara's possibly being a Cylon. Their statements support further suspicion of Kara's identity, which should work in their favor in their effort to hide their own true Cylon identity:
    • Tory suggests that the Cylon fleet might have left because something had changed. While Tigh plays down Tory's comment at the time, it does end up seeming to point to Kara.
    • Tyrol reports that his inspection of Kara's ship found that it was not the same battle-worn Viper she left in.
    • Tigh himself debunks Cottle's medical tests of Kara by saying that Baltar's Cylon detector didn't work because it didn't detect Boomer.
  • Anders, on the other hand, does not seem to be handling his newly discovered Cylon identity very well and is leaving attracting unneeded attention to himself:
    • While talking to Tyrol on the frenetic hangar deck, he openly mentions their Cylon-ness, albeit quietly.
    • Anders is extremely nervous heading into the battle. He clogs up the wireless while repeating his own biographical history to himself.
    • Anders fails to take out a Cylon Raider. The same Cylon Raider, turns on him, scans him (triggering a red eye glow in his right eye), immediately retreats before the rest of the Cylon fleet does the same.
    • When Anders and Kara talk, he tells her that he would still love her if she turned out to have always been a Cylon
  • There are two Cylon-related references to the right eye:
    • In Tigh's vision, he shoots Adama in the right eye.
    • When the Cylon Raider scans him, Anders right eye turns red for a moment.
  • While the sudden appearance of Kara has distracted everyone, most of the above events could have been witnessed by others in the fleet, especially the encounter between Anders and the Raider.
  • The Cylons apparently now have some idea that Cylons are in the fleet. The Cylon Raider apparently scanned Anders and triggered a response. Obviously, this response only occurred now that Anders' Cylon identity has surfaced since he had multiple encounters with Cylons either on Caprica and New Caprica (which in this case, goes for the other three as well). This revelation looks to have prompted them to break off their attack and retreat, likely to decide what their next move will be.
  • Caprica Six seems to be able to sense the Final Five, based on what she tells Roslin. Yet, Athena does not appear to. The question is whether Caprica Six would be able to detect exactly who the Final Five are.
  • Following their fight and Lee's resignation during the trial, Lee and Adama look to be back on friendly terms. Adama thanks Lee for flying into battle.
  • In a sequence that would typically be a "reset" scene for most episodic television, Adama offers Lee his officer's pins back. Lee acknowledges that he took them off for the wrong reasons, he declines Adama's offer stating that he is nonetheless comfortable being a civilian.
  • Roslin is staying in Adama's quarters during her cancer treatments. Adama claims it's only temporary until they find her quarters.
  • Baltar has now been taken in by a group of mostly young women, who have created a shrine to him.
  • The basis of the cult is a belief in the "one true god," which mirrors the belief of the Cylons and goes against the populist belief in the pantheon of gods.
  • The cult apparently looks to Baltar to be a voice of the monotheist belief.
  • Inner Six returns several times to instruct Baltar in what he needs to do to advance his situation. Her appearances are all devoid of sexual undertones and are completely spiritual or religious in nature. One appearance does lead to a sexual encounter between Baltar and Tracey, one of the members of the cult and there is no sign of jealousy from Inner Six. She even seems satisfied with the result.
  • In her final appearance, Inner Six can be seen by the audience as she looks on. Baltar seems oblivious to her presence. This is a unique depiction of her since she has otherwise only seemed to appear while actively engaged with Baltar and disappears when his mind is elsewhere.
  • There is a possibility that the Inner Six that appears to Baltar in this episode is not the same Inner Six that has been seen before. Inner Leoben acted as Kara's guide in her Maelstrom visions that were heavily spiritual and in that case, there was some ambiguity as to whether Inner Leoben was something/someone just taking a familiar form to Kara.
  • Considering the Galactica was dealing with overcrowding after the escape from New Caprica, there were several seeming inconsistencies:
    • Baltar's cult was able to find an rather sizable unused compartment and take it over for their own use.
    • Not only that, but it looks to be located in a virtually abandoned part of the ship since the hallways nearby were empty as opposed to the usual bustle found in most Galactica hallways.
    • Kara also was able to move from the memorial corridor to Adama's quarters without encountering anyone. Though her movements were offscreen, it can be assumed that she would have attracted attention considering she was moving around the ship without escort and was armed.

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