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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Six of One
Episode Number: 402
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Anthony Hemingway
Original Air Date: 4/11/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
On the basestar, the hybrid rants while a topless Eight dances for a One (Cavil). Natalie and an another Eight listen to the hybrid ramble on about cutting the fuse, that they won't harm their own, measure the Temple of Five, transformation is the goal.

Natalie, an Eight and a Two (Leoben) try to convince One that the hybrid has told them that the Final Five are in the fleet. They say that the Raiders refuse to fight because they sense that the Final Five might be in the fleet. Cavil tells them to stop because discussing the Final Five is forbidden. He goes on to say that Twos share the same nose, Sixes share the same mouth, Eights breasts, and Ones a brain. He says that they are mechanized copies and there had to be a reason that the original programmers felt that they shouldn't contact the Final Five. Natalie disagrees. He says that they are threatening their survival by discussing the Final Five. Natalie counters that something has changed. Cavil counters that the Raiders have changed by exceeding their programming. He also says that they can't self-correct that problem so they've decided to "reconfigure" their neural architecture and "shave down" their heuristic responses. Leoben realizes that Cavil means lobotomizing them. Cavil says that they are tools and not pets. Natalie wants to know who decided. Cavil answers, "god almighty." Natalie counters that he doesn't have the authority and that there will be a vote. He says that the Fours (Simon) and Fives (Doral) will support him. Natalie says that the Raiders hear what they hear. Cavil counters that they are simple machines. Natalie counters that something is calling them to explore their origins and destiny and the Raiders are part of it. She starts to mention the Final Five, but Cavil interrupts and says that the Final Five are anywhere but with the humans.

Tigh tells Tyrol that he's late. Tyrol says that he had to wait until Cally fell asleep. Anders asks if he saw Kara. Tigh says that he did and she's as crazy as ever. Anders says that Kara's his wife. Tigh says that Roslin also shot her because she thinks Kara is a Cylon and points out that Ander IS one. Tory points out that the four them heard the music and found each while Kara did not. Tyrol recalls that Baltar and D'Anna talked back in the Temple of Five after D'Anna apparently saw something. Tigh suggests that Baltar might know who the fifth is and suggests that they get close to him. Tigh suggests that Baltar is good at two things being a cell and womanizing as he looks at Tory. Tory isn't interested. Tigh says that she doesn't have to actually sleep with him.

Adama walks into Kara's cell. He wants to know what she was thinking and what happened to her. Kara says that she saw Earth and felt it so strongly that it was like she had been there before. He says that she just lost the one ally that she had and wonders who is going to help her. Kara responds by saying he's Roslin's wet nurse and says that he's the one who's afraid to act. He responds by grabbing her by the neck and taking her down. Kara says, "nice to know you care." This prompts Adama to back off. Kara then both laughs and cries. Adama moves to leave. Kara screams that they are going the wrong way after Adama walks out of her cell.


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