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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Six of One
Episode Number: 402
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Anthony Hemingway
Original Air Date: 4/11/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Cavil tells Natalie that the Ones, Fours and Fives support reconfiguring the Raiders. Natalie says that the Two, Sixes and Eights are against it so it's a deadlock. Cavil then says that he was wrong because something extraordinary has happened. Cavil then calls in Boomer and says that she has voted in support of reconfiguring. Natalie is stunned that Boomer voted against the rest of her model. Boomer says that they have to be able to defend themselves. Natalie doesn't think that it's right and it can't be allowed. Leoben says that there is no law against it. Natalie doesn't take it well. Natalie thinks if it's done, they will all lose. Simon counters that they think it's for the best. Natalie argues each model is unique and they all belong together. She says that the Raiders are sentient and that there was a divine plan in their design and that they are butchering the Raiders. She tells Cavil that they are not god. Cavil answers that he's a mechanic and that he's reconfiguring them because they were designed to do a specific job, which they've stopped doing. Natalie says that she'll pray hard for him and then she leaves.

Down in the pilot's rec room, they are having a good time. Racetrack is playing strip poker with Hot Dog and another pilot. Helo walks in with a box. Adama and Lee are there. Anders, Seelix and Athena can be seen. Helo opens the box, takes out glasses and starts filling them up with Ambrosia. Narcho calls everyone to order. They have gathered to bid Lee farewell. Narcho says it's time. Lee says that he already has a drink, but Helo grabs him anyway. With the first glass, Lee toasts the Galactica . With the second glass, he toasts the men and women of Galactica . With the third glass, he toasts Admiral Adama. With the fourth glass, he toasts "sweethearts, husband and wives." With the fifth glass, he toasts "absent friends." That prompts Adama to look at a photo of Kara that's on the wall.

In his quarters, Adama works on his ship. He takes off the figurine of Aurora that Starbuck had given him

In the mess, Tory sits alone playing with her food. She looks over at Baltar who is sitting with some of his "follower." Baltar notices her. He walks over and sits down across from her. He says that she is spying on him. She claims that she heard about the miracle, but he doesn't buy it. She admits that she has been spying on him, but she also noticed how his followers look at him. He figures that she's just going to warn Roslin that Baltar is developing a following and can be dangerous. Suddenly, an Inner Baltar pops up sitting next to Tory and points out that if Tory isn't lying, she could be a great source of information. He suggests that Baltar "feel her out." Baltar is unnerved, but catches the hint. He asks Tory why she is there. Tory says that she can't help thinking about the things that have recently happened like his being found innocent at his trial, Derrick being healed and the return of Kara from being thought dead. She thinks that he seems to be at the center of them. Baltar says that god has chosen him to sing his song and goes on about the music and melody, which of course unnerves Tory. She claims that she can't be seen there and leaves. Baltar then talks to Inner Baltar. Baltar moves over to sit next to Inner Baltar and posits that he's Inner Six in disguise. Inner Baltar changes the subject back to Tory. They agree she's attractive and fascinating, but Inner Baltar points out that she is special... and fragile. Baltar agrees. Inner Baltar tell him to "handle her with care" and Baltar answers, "I'd love to."


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