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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Six of One
Episode Number: 402
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Anthony Hemingway
Original Air Date: 4/11/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Tory and Baltar are in bed. Baltar notices that she's crying and wants to know why. She says that it's something that she does. She apologizes and he wants to know why she's apologizing since she should be thankful that she has "an abundance of feeling." She's surprised by the observation. She steers the conversation to talking about Cylons. He says that Cylons can suffer and feel. Baltar observes that man might have made the Cylons, but god is "at the beginning of the string." He then talks of the one true god which gets Tory's attention. He adds that he's tired of holding that truth in. Tory is then reinvigorated and they start kissing again.

Cavil doesn't find Natalie's stunt funny. He orders the Centurions to leave, but they don't. Instead, they merely look at Natalie. He wants to know why they aren't following his order. Natalie says that the telencephalic inhitbors were removed. The Sixes, Sharons and Leoben chose to restore higher reasoning to the Centurions because Cavil dumbed down the Raiders. Cavil is livid that it was done without a vote. She says that nothing is getting done with a vote, so they are finished voting. The Centurions then move into the room. She says the first thing the Centurions learned was what was done to the Raiders. The Dorals seem to realize what is about to happen and they try to flee. They are gunned down by one Centurion while the other guns down Cavil and the two Simons at the table. Natalie looks on, not entirely comfortable.

As the fleet is shown with Galactica in the foreground, Gaeta can be heard reporting the fleet is ready to jump. Adama orders the jump. The fleet jumps away.

Kara lies on the floor of her cell and cries out, "Go back."

Adama watches her writhe on the floor of her cell before turning and walking away.

Helo walks into Kara's cell with a pair of Marines. He orders her cuffed and then she is led out of her cell.

Kara is led onto the hangar deck. Adama is there. Kara guesses that he's going to cut her loose in deep space. Adama counters that it's easier after you've been through it once already. She counters, "Harder. Especially now that I'm seeing things so clearly." She adds that he's making a mistake. Adama admits that he might be, but he can't take the chance that she's right. Kara's confused. One of the Marines uncuffs her. Adama tells her that Helo handpicked a crew and he's giving her a ship. Helo explains that they liberated the Demetrius , a sewage processing ship. The official story will be that they are going on a scouting mission looking for food. She figures he decided that she was right. He says that he's not sure, but that Roslin has been right all along. He says that he's tired of losing and turning away from things that he believes in. He adds that he believes that she'll die before she stops trying. He refuses to lose her again. He tells her to go find a way to Earth. They embrace.


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