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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Six of One
Episode Number: 402
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Anthony Hemingway
Original Air Date: 4/11/08 on SciFi Channel

Tigh leads Helo and a force of Marines. He tells them to not shoot the President. Helo wants to talk to Kara first and Tigh says that he can talk all he wants until the first "bang."

Adama tells Gaeta to "Take the Con" and walks out of CIC.

Kara orders Roslin to move. Roslin doesn't at first, so Kara tells her again. Roslin slowly gets going and Kara directs her over by the couch.

Kara walks over and closes the door while still holding the gun on Roslin. She then tells Roslin that she wants to hate her "so much."

Tigh, Helo and the Marines move at double-time.

Kara says that she trusted Roslin and her vision of the Arrow and the Temple. She says she went to that planet [Kobol] which was a "toaster party" where a "lot of good people died." Kara says that she saw Earth with her own eyes. She says it's calling her and that they are going the wrong way. She then wants to know why Roslin won't trust her. Kara then turns the gun around and holds it out for Roslin. She tells Roslin that if she thinks Kara is a Cylon then she is Roslin's enemy and she should shoot Kara. Roslin does nothing. Kara slams the gun down and tells Roslin to "take it."

Tigh, Helo and the Marines double-time around a corner.

Kara says that she's no more a Cylon than Roslin. Roslin isn't so sure. Kara goes on a rant about giving everything to Galactica. She admits that she's messed up, but those on Galactica are her family.

Tigh, Helo and the Marines reach the hallway outside of Adama's quarters. Tigh reports the two Marine guards are down.

Kara screams at Roslin to shoot her if she's a Cylon. Roslin now picks up the gun, mutters something about "they made you perfectly" and shoots.

The Marines move in at the sound of the gunshot.

Roslin has shot the picture of her and Adama. Kara is unscathed.

Tigh and the Marines burst in and take down Kara.

Kara freaks out. She tells them to let go of her because she's not a Cylon.

Tigh walks in and calmly removes the gun from Roslin's still-raised hand.

Adama walks in and says that he thought they weren't going to move. Tigh counters that Kara is unhinged.

The Marines pick Kara up. She quietly begs for them to listen to her. She says that the ringing and the way to Earth are getting weaker. No one says anything. They just look at her, which antagonizes Kara. She says that "it's half of what it was."

Tigh orders Kara removed.

Kara tells Roslin that she needs to improve her aim because she's not going to stop until they kill her. As the Marines drag her out of Adama's quarters, Kara says that with one more jump, "it'll be gone."


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