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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Six of One
Episode Number: 402
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Anthony Hemingway
Original Air Date: 4/11/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
In Adama's quarters, Adama wanders in from Lee's farewell party. He immediately pours himself a drink as Roslin sits at his desk. She notices that he's enjoying the alcohol more than usual. He references Lee's party. She then wonders what they'll do with Kara, maybe put her on trial. Adama says he doesn't know. Roslin then suggests that they follow her into an ambush. Adama starts to stagger off, but Roslin tells him to sit down and talk about it. Adama wonders if Kara is right. He can't explain how she survived and wonders if she was meant to help them almost as if., but he doesn't finish the thought. Roslin wants Adama, an atheist, to admit he believes in a miracle. Adama says that Roslin shot at her and missed. Roslin blames that on the effects of the cancer treatment. Adama says that doubt does the same. She says that she'd shoot at Kara again. Adama counters that maybe Kara felt convincing Roslin was more important than her own life. Roslin says that the day she was told she had terminal cancer the Cylons attacked, wiping out most of humanity while she survived and became President. Then she was miraculously healed long enough for them to find a way to Earth, but now her cancer is back. Adama doesn't want her to talk that way. Roslin points out that she's dying and he's got to face that. Roslin then says that she's not going to trust Kara with the fate of the fleet. Roslin says that Adama isn't willing to lose anyone else since Lee's leaving the military and Roslin's cancer returned. Adama says, "No one's going anywhere." Roslin says that he'd rather believe Kara and die than risk losing her again. Adama tells her to get out of his head and he gets up to fix another drink. Roslin says that he's afraid to live alone. Adama counters that she's afraid to die alone. He also says that she's afraid that she's not the dying leader that she thought she was and that her death will be as meaningless as everyone else's. He then leaves. Roslin tears up, but puts her glasses in an effort to go back to work. Roslin finds that her hair is starting to fall out and starts to cry.

Lee visits Kara in her cell. He tells her that Zarek has nominated him for the vacate Quorum position. Kara calls Lee Zarek's ringer. Lee tells her to can it because he's heard it all already and in spite of Zarek's faults, Lee could use the help. He adds that he never could say no to anything, Kara responds, "Except me." He counters, "Especially you." He says that he now understands what she meant when she talked about everyone having a destiny because he's "got to do this" and not having an explanation doesn't matter. That brings a smile to Kara's face. She stands up and tells him good luck on his journey as they shake hands. He tells her the same. He then starts to leave before she calls him. They share a kiss and then embrace. Lee tells her that he believes her.

Lee visits the pilots' ready room and reminisces.

Athena and Lee enter the hangar deck. Helo calls everyone to attention. Lee looks at Athena, who smiles. They walk over to find an honor guard along with President Roslin and Tory. Tigh pays service to the excellent service of Major Lee Adama. Helo calls for a salute. Lee looks around and sees his father, Tigh, Anders, Athena and Hot Dog. Lee drops his bag and returns the salute. Helo then leads the applause as Seelix can also be seen. Lee then begins to make his way up the line, shaking Athena and Hot Dog's hands. Racetrack can be seen clapping as Lee walks over and embraces Helo. He then shakes Seelix, Anders and Racetrack's hands before coming to Dee, who gives him a plaque. They hug. He thanks her and then tells her that he'll miss her. She tells him good-bye. He walks over to his father who gives him a hug, which apparently brings the moment to an end as Roslin and Tory can be seen turning to walk off.

On the baseship, a Simon works to lobotomize a Raider which intercuts with Natalie talking to Cavil, Simons and Dorals.

Natalie says that they want him to put a stop to lobotomizing Raiders. He refuses to have sentient Raiders and then points out that her accusations of manipulative tyranny actually better apply to herself. She reiterates her demand and he flatly says no because they had a vote. She asks one last time and he answers no one last time. She then calls in two Centurions. Cavil points out that Centurions don't have a vote. Natalie says that they aren't there to vote as the Centurions arm themselves.


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