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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Faith
Episode Number: 406
Written by: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 5/9/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
On Colonial One, Roslin wants Tory to pack up all the papers on the desk since she'll have plenty of time the next couple of days. Tory indicates that Roslin only has two more treatments and then she'll be "over the hump." A bald Roslin says that she's counting on Tory, who has stepped up recently and will be expected to do even more. Roslin looks to nearly be breaking down.

(Caption: Demetrius; Mission to Find Earth; Day 98)
Athena, Kara and Leoben walk into the Raptor. Kara tells Leoben that he'll die first if it's a trap. Kara wants to know if she can trust Athena. Athena reiterates that she has her word. Loeben says that the rest of the Eights talk about Athena. Barolay boards and says that she's going no matter what the others say about Kara.

Helo kisses Athena goodbye.

As they leave, Helo tells them that they have fourteen hours and forty minutes left.

Leoben rambles about god's plan being revealed soon. Anders mutters that he better be right for Leoben's god's sake.

The Raptor jumps to find itself amongst several heavily damaged ships and heavy debris.

Helo visits Gaeta. Gaeta asks Helo to promise him that he won't let Cottle take the leg. Gaeta knows that the longer they stay, the more likely he could lose the leg. Helo says that he won't leave until the clock runs out.

The Raptor is finding it hard to locate the basestar. Kara says that "this is the place" and that she can "hear it." Leoben says something about Kara "being one of the few." Kara takes the controls guides the Raptor through the debris field as Athena asks if she knows what she's doing.

The Raptor breaks out of the heavy debris to see a large planet nearby. Kara notices a basestar streaking near the gas giant. She realizes that the baseship was the comet that she remembered and "was meant to see."

Anders breaks the reverie with the report of more ordinance exploding nearby. Debris heads toward the Raptor. Kara moves to evade, but it hits the Raptor's forward window, which cracks.


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