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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Faith
Episode Number: 406
Written by: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 5/9/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Kara regains consciousness and is bleeding from a cut by her temple. Anders and Leoben tend to her. Anders says that everyone made it fine and says that they need to get her out of the Raptor so she can get some air.

The basestar's hatch closes as Athena walks around to check the damage to the Raptor. Someone touches Athena's shoulder. Athena immediately whirls, pulls her gun and orders them to get back. Several Eights greet her. A pair of the Eights talk about her experiences and that she was the first to say no and to make her own choices. They ask Athena to lead them. They say that they tried to do the same, but the Sixes keep making poor decisions and they're afraid they'll all end up dead. She tells them that they should pick a side and stick to it otherwise they won't have anything of their own.

In sickbay, Roslin overhears another patient arguing with the hurse. As roslin moves closer, Baltar can be heard on the radio. Roslin and Emily talk about their respective treatments. They seem to get on until Roslin moves to turn off Baltar. Emily gets upset, tells her to leave the radio alone and leave her alone. Roslin moves off.

Leoben helps Kara off the Raptor to find Natalie waiting. Leoben is going to take Kara to the Hybrid, but Natalie doesn't want him to. He says that they need to see the Hybrid. Natalie says that they put up with his obsession with Kara, but they only agreed to an alliance, not to expose their Hybrid and navigation to the humans. Natalie says that they have the Raptor and the FTL drive and they don't need the humans. Barolay gets mad, but Kara calms her. Kara counters that they'll have to figure out the drive. Leoben points out that they don't have many supplies and have to worry about the Cavils reluctantly agree. Kara won't help them unless she sees the Hybrid. Natalie reluctantly agrees.

Athena interfaces with a control panel on the hangar deck and reports that they can slave into the ship's FTL drive using the Raptor's system. They'll have to take the ship's damaged Hybrid offline and manually initiate the jump. Natalie isn't thrilled to hear that the Hybrid will be taken offline because it could blind her or kill her. Athena says it's the only way. As they talk, Anders looks to be contemplating sticking his own hand in the liquid control interface. They break up to get working.

Barolay starts to unload gear from the Raptor when the Six ordered to help her starts talking. She says that Barolay killed her on New Caprica, watching her drown. Barolay makes a crack about putting her down again. The Six suddenly attacks Barolay. Barolay manages to stand up before collapsing. Anders and Athena run over to Barolay. Anders finds that Barolay is dead. He loses it and puts a gun to the Six. Athena holds on a gun on an Eight. Kara and Natalie also run in. Kara orders Anders to stand down. Anders says that he can't just let it go that Barolay was killed or what happened on Caprica. Kara says that she has to do this to see the Hybrid. Athena can't believe that she'll let it go.

Natalie steps up and asks the Six why she did it. The Six explains that Barolay was the one that killed her. She says that even though she never did anything to Barolay, Barolay grabbed her, taped her mouth and threw her in a septic tank to drown. They talk about how they had tried to work through the death after the Six's resurrection. The Six then tells Natalie, "I'm glad that it's you." They kiss and Natalie stands up. Natalie reaches over to the gun that Anders still has to the back of the Six's head and she pulls the trigger. Anders is stunned. Natalie turns to Kara and informs her that without a Resurrection Ship nearby, the Six is as dead as Barolay. She then asks if that's enough human justice for her.

Roslin walks around sickbay when Emily calls her over. Emily apologizes. She says that she has good moments and bad. Roslin's response brings a laugh from Emily. Emily then says she has something for Roslin. It's a handkerchief(?). She then asks Roslin about her hair. Roslin says that she was hoping for royal blue. They laugh. Emily then alludes to what her hair used to be. She then tells Roslin to be prepared for it to get a lot worse.


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