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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Faith
Episode Number: 406
Written by: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 5/9/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Kara walks up to the Hybrid, who rambles through a list of the status reports. The Centurion guard pays close attention.

Emily and Roslin talk. Emily says that she did vote for Roslin. Emily tells Roslin that she doesn't like how Baltar rants against Roslin and that's not the reason why she listens to him. She says that she had a dream the night after Cottle informed her that her cancer had spread to her liver and she was terminal. She says she saw her family standing on the other side of a river waiting for her and then she suddenly felt a comforting presence all around her. She says that the presence told her not to be scared because it would go with her across the river. Roslin says that others have dreams too. Emily says that it was more than a dream and that Baltar talks of the river and their being more. She wonders if Baltar hasn't stumbled upon something.

Kara listens to the Hybrid who mixes prophetic babble with status reports. Kara says, "she doesn't understand." Leoben says that the hybrid can't be rushed and that they have to absorb the Hybrids words. He says that the fate of two races can't be expected to come easily.

Back on Demetrius, Helo paces around as the crew waits while the clock goes under four hours and five minutes.

Athena walks in and reports that they modifications have been completely and that they need to get going so that they can make it back in time. She then asks if she's learned anything. Kara says not yet. Kara listens to the Hybrid for a few more moments and then orders the Hybrid taken offline.

An Eight moves to disconnect the Hybrid. As she starts to pull on the cable, the Hybrid starts to scream. The Centurion reacts by shooting the Eight. Kara and Athena take out the Hybrid as Anders moves into the room.

The Eight's body falls beside the Hybrid's tub and blood drips into the tub as the Hybrid continues to scream. Kara leans over the Hybrid and wants to know what it wants from her and then says, "please, I need you." The Hybrid stops screaming and reaches out for Kara. It touches Kara's face and tells her about the opera house, the missing three leading to the five and the 13 th colony and that Kara is the harbinger of death and will lead them all to their end. Kara is speechless.

Athena walks over and disconnects the Hybrid's cable, which throws the basestar into darkness.

Emily and Roslin talk. Roslin points out that Baltar's god is the Cylon god. Emily says that if there is one true god, then he's god for all. Roslin calls it a fantasy. Emily then makes fun of the pantheon of gods and the fates. She then shows her bitterness of surviving the attacks to die three years later from cancer. Roslin counters that the gods are metaphors. Emily says that she doesn't need metaphors. Roslin talks about her mother who was a teacher and thoroughly loved by her students. However, when she got sick and was dying of terminal cancer, Roslin had to care for her and it wasn't pretty. When her mother died, there was no bright light or gleaming fields of Elysium, only darkness and that her mother was so scared. Emily counters that it was Roslin who was scared and saw darkness and that she couldn't possibly know what her mother was experiences. She tells Roslin's that she's still searching. Suddenly, Emily gags and cries out in pain. Cottle rushes over and orders more morpho, which settles Emily back down, unconscious. Cottle says that there's nothing he can do and that's just a matter of time. Roslin leans over close to Emily and gesture of friendship and farewell. She sits up, tears welling up.


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