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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Faith
Episode Number: 406
Written by: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 5/9/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Natalie and Leoben sit near the Eight, who is still alive and been laid on her back next to the Hybrid's tub. Natalie comments that she doesn't even see them. Anders says that she's looking past them and that he's seen that look many times before, only never from a Cylon. The Eight tells Athena that she was right and asks her for forgiveness. She reaches out. Athena moves her hand within inches of the Eight's. The Eight drops her hand in disappointment. Anders steps in and says that he's there with her. He touches the Eight's face, her grasps his arm just before dying. He closes her eyes.

Natalie and Leoben discuss what the Hybrid said. They realize that the missing thr\ee refers to the boxed Threes can recognize the Final Five and that those five come from the 13 th colony, which is Earth so they should be able to lead them back to Earth. Kara says that they need to get back to the Demetrus. Everyone moves to leave. Anders stays for another moments looking at the dead Eight.

Roslin dreams along with Emily that they are on a boat crossing a river. Emily is there and says that they are here. Roslin looks across the river and then looks back to find Emily isn't next to her. She looks back across the river to find Emily greeting her family. Roslin then sees her mother waiting for her on the other side. Roslin says that she's not ready and she backs away.

Roslin wakes up in sickbay. Baltar can be heard talking about not fearing the unknown and that they will be guided across the river that separates this world from the next. As Baltar continues, Roslin walks over to Emily's bed to find it empty, but the radio sits there.

On the Demetrius, the countdown is closes in under a minute. Helo orders them to prep for FTL jump. As it goes under thirty seconds, Helo orders additional prep. Seelix reports that the FTL is fully spun up. He lets the countdown go past time. Seelix says that she's gone or they'd be back. Helo starts a five second countdown to jump when a basestar jumps in on top of them on three.

Hot Dog reports the baseship and Seelix says that it's broadcasting colonial codes.

Athena is on the wireless and Helo is relieved.

Athena reports that the basestar is theirs.

Helo says that it's time to go home.

Roslin knocks on Adama's door. She says that she needs to talk to him.

Adama is skeptical that Baltar really is onto anything. Roslin points out that both she and Emily had the same dream. Adama is skeptical, but stops. Roslin wants to know what. Adama says that Kara comes back from the dead and is overdue from her mission to find Earth. He adds that Lee has turned in his wings. Adama then adds that he wonders if he'll see any of the kids that are part of Kara's crew. Roslin says that she's here and that they'll find Earth. Adama says that it used to be a bad dream and a carrot, but now. Roslin asks him what made him change his mind. Adama says that its her that made him believe.


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