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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Faith
Episode Number: 406
Written by: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 5/9/08 on SciFi Channel

Kara starts to reach for the FTL control.

Athena immediately restrains her.

Anders objects, but Helo orders him to stand down. He then orders Marines to the control room.

Helo says that they'll take Leoben's proposal to Adama. Anders points out that they'll return as mutineers. Helo says he'll let

Kara is restrained while Seelix holds a gun on her and says they should have airlocked Kara's "Cylon ass" when she first came back. Kara again claims that she's not a Cylon.

Helo orders Gaeta to start the first jump back to the fleet.

Anders wants Gaeta to stop the jump, but Gaeta conintues. Anders ends up shooting Gaeta in the leg. Kara moves toward Gaeta and Helo orders Seelix to stand down. Athena gets a medkit. Kara uses it to stabilize Gaeta, who is taken to a bunk by marines.

Kara acknowledges that Helo was right about it not being a good idea to take the Demetrius to the basestar because she can't risk everyone's lives. She says that she'll take a Raptor to see if Leoben's story checks out. She then asks Athena to join her since Athena "speaks their language" and would be able to tell if it were a trap. Helo can't believe it would just be the two of them on their own. Anders says that he'll go too. Athena agrees to go. Helo says that the Raptor doesn't have enough fuel to get back to the fleet. Kara counters that the basestar does. Helo asks Hot Dog how long they have before the window to return to the fleet closes. Hog Dog says fifteen hours, seven minutes and some seconds. Helo orders the clock set for fifteen hours and seven minutes. He says that they'll wait for them until the clock runs out.


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