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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Guess What's Coming To Dinner
Episode Number: 407
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 5/16/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
A boarding party heads from the Galactica to the basestar.

Marines move out of the Raptors and move through the corridors of the basestar.

Natalie, Kara and the others wait in the nav center.

Tigh follows the Marines into the nav center.

Kara stands in front of Tigh and tells him that the Cylons are with her. Tigh looks around and then asks which one of them shot Gaeta.

Gaeta is wheeled to sick bay and Cottle begins preparations for surgery.

Tory, Roslin, Tigh and Adama interrogate Natalie as Kara and Athena stand by. Natalie reports that the Cylons have split into two factions of three models. Adama and Roslin point out that there are seven models. Athena says that the seventh model, the Threes, have been boxed. Natalie explains that they were "punitively deactivated" because they have seen the Final Five, which is forbidden. Kara says that the Final Five have been to Earth and can lead them there. She says that most of their Raiders have been destroyed so they need help. Athena explains that the Resurrection Hub periodically jumps and relays its coordinates. She offers to lead them to the Resurrection Hub out of revenge against the other models in exchange for helping them unbox the Threes. Roslin wants to know why she'd be willing to give up resurrection. Natalie says that they are rebels and can't go back. She adds that their only goal is to be with the Final Five. She won't give up the coordinates for the Hub so Adama orders her out. She wants his word. He gives it. She wants them to agree to let her and the Cylons leave with the Final Five. She then informs them that the Final Five are in the fleet and that's why the Raiders turned back.

In the corridor, Adama asks Tigh how he knew about the weapons hold. Tigh says that he didn't know and just got lucky. Adama hopes that they get lucky again as he orders Tigh to get a Raptor to scout the coordinates that Natalie gave them. As Tigh walks off, tells him thank you.

Racetrack and Skulls take recon photos of the hub and jump away.

In sick bay, Cottle is about to operate on Gaeta. Gaeta asks not to be "put under" and just "numb everything" because he doesn't want to wake up without his leg. Cottle agrees to his request. Cottle mardks the amputation point. He starts up the saw and begins. Gaeta listens to the saw cut into his leg and closes his eyes.

Anders can be seen watching the operation from nearby.


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